It's only us.

Eva was just a normal 18 year old girl, she never knew something like this would start after falling over after a party...


5. Tour


So after all the excitement of date number five, anything was possible. Eva and Harry had been dating for about three months now, and he has some striking news for Eva. 


"Our world tour starts next week" Harry told me. WHAT?? Well this is news to me, I mean, when the hell was he going to tell me, besides now? We've been dating for three months and now he's going to up sticks and leave to go around the world. I mean, I know its his job and I know how the fans feel, because I was, No , I am a HUGE fan of One Direction. And not just because the guy I've fallen truly, madly, crazy,deeply in love with is in that group, but because they really are EVERTHING!. I mean I used to obsess over these guys. But Harry leaving! There are going to be MILLIONS of women out there, and he could have any which one he wants. So why is he sticking with me? Or isn't he? Is he going to stop seeing me? are we even dating? Were we even dating? Oh my god, my mind went into overdrive, when Harry quickly snapped me out of it. "Babe, don't look so worried, we'll go out for dinner tonight and talk about it, OK?" Harry strayed calm, well he would, Its not like the love of his life is leaving him. 

I HAD to talk to Kim and ask her all the questions that were on my mind. "Yeah, sure Harry. Right I have a few jobs to do, so what time tonight?" I asked, trying to sound calm and collected, even though I'm pretty sure my brains were scattered all over the floor and walls by this point. "Half six babe, I'll pick you up from yours." And with that, I left.



As soon as Eva shut the door, I almost collapsed. How was I going to tell her? I mean its not just something you dump on a girl, sorry, woman like her everyday. That was it, I HAD to call Louis. I mean him and Eleanor have been in a relationship for like AGESSS, so I was sure he was the one to help me. "Harry?" Louis answered the phone on the second ring. "GOD! LOUIS I NEED HELP! FAST! GET YOUR'S AND ELEANOR'S ARSE'S ROUND HERE... NOW!" and with that I just put the phone down. My mind was crammed with so much stuff that I didnt even know what day it was. 

Louis arrived in a Nano-hour. "Dude, what's up?" Louis asked. "Oh my god! what took you so long Louis!?" I asked him, A bloody hour had gone since I rang him. 1 WHOLE HOUR! But Louis just looked over at Eleanor and then began to giggle. Great, I thought, that's all we need, I'm having a crisis, but that can wait for them two doing the dirty. I'll remember that one next time. "Right, here's what it is ..."



"Oh God Kim, what if we were never really dating, and all it was to him was just friends with minimal benefits?" I said sobbing into my bestfriend's arms. "Minimal benefits Eva?" Kim asked, Crap! I hadn't told her about when it all started, Date five, So as I began telling her, her eyes grew wider and a huge smile appeared on her face. "Ooh Eva! You saucy girl!" she giggled at me. "Well, Kim yes, and you know we've done the other usual bits, but we haven't had sex, do you think that's why he wants rid of me? I mean, I'm a virgin Kim, I don't know what to do, or how to approach the subject or..." Kim just slapped my arm, which brought on more tears. "Eva, don't even think that way! of course its not because you haven't had sex with him.  we don't even know what he wants yet, so just don't think like that ok!?" Wow, Kim was becomming serious, and I was NOT used to this. After Kim had calmed me down, we watched the Goonies and relaxed for a while, until I noticed it was half past five...

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