It's only us.

Eva was just a normal 18 year old girl, she never knew something like this would start after falling over after a party...


16. On the road again



After the whole concert had finished, we all said goodbye to the one and only Robbie Williams, and he told us he would join us again any time. We all piled onto the tour bus, to head to the channel tunnel as we were about to continue our tour in France! I had a plan for Eva and I set up for whilst we were in France, because before doing any more concerts, we get 2 days off.

As we approached the Channel tunnel, Eva was sat with Eleanor, talking about girl stuff I would imagine, Liam walked over to me.

"So how are things now?" He asked sternly, I know what I did was very wrong, but I didn't even know I was doing it.

"Yeah, we're great now, thanks Liam." I replied, I was grateful that he had told me, or else I'd really be in the dog house now, but I think Robbie really helped too. 

I was interrupted from my thoughts when I heard a gaggle of girly laughter. I looked over to see Eva and Eleanor laughing their heads off, just seeing her smile, she makes everything worth while for me.



Eleanor and I began laughing immensely at what Niall had just done, I mean who trips up over their own slippers? Bless him. 

When I had finally finished almost dying with laughter, I looked over at Harry, who was staring at me, but he had a wiered look in his eye, and all of a sudden, I heard a whisper in my ear.

"That's the look of awe." It was Eleanor.  

I didn't know what she meant at first, but then I saw it, and I just knew, he really was something special.

I turned to Eleanor and began telling her how I really felt about Harry, hoping she could help me show him or something, her and Louis were great together, so maybe, if I got advice off of her, everything would be better than it was last night.

"El, the thing is, I really don't know what I'd do without him. He is my be all and end all. My day begins with him and ends the same way. So what can I do to show him or tell him how much I really love him?" I asked.

"Well, that's how I feel about Louis, but I didn't just feel it continuously, I feel it everyday, or every time he looks me in the eyes, I fall in love with him more, and I think the secret is, you've got to keep that bit of mystery, and as comfortable as you feel with him, somethings he doesn't need to know, so keep your things on your side private, like girl problems if you get me. But I think the other secret is, he is your best friend as well as your boyfriend, and don't forget that, fun doesn't just have to be sex. Like Louis and I have matching Coca-Cola PJ's. Things that best friends would do. Most importantly, tell him you love him, and that you're in love with him, not just once, but everyday. That's what builds the trust and the emotional bond which is what you need."

Just as Eleanor had finished giving me the best advice ever, Harry came and sat between us.

"So, you guys talking about anything interesting?" He asked.

"Not anything that would interest you Harold." Eleanor declared, got up and went over to Louis.

"So, how are you?" Harry asked me.

"I'm fine, and you?" I asked back



"I'm great." I declared, and moved in to kiss Eva, after the kiss finished I rested my forehead against hers, I saw her smile, and couldn't hold mine back. 

"I love you." She declared. I don't know why but it shocked me to hear it coming from her first, maybe this was the reassurance that I needed after last night, maybe that's what the shock was.

"I love you too, baby." I reciprocated. 

"Care to prove it when we get to the hotel?" She asked, cheekily. Ooh, I loved it when she was cheeky like this, it sent shivers down my spine.

"Oh I'd love to prove it when we get to the hotel." I answered, my heart began beating really fast, and I couldn't help but let out a low growl, which made Eva bite her bottom lip, which turned me on even more, only two hours to go.

"What are we proving?" Niall asked, a mouthful of junk.

"Nothing Niall, you carry on eating love." Eva answered, I couldn't help but giggle, oh this girl really is the one, and all of a sudden, I knew that what I had planned for us was right, I could only hope she felt the same.


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