"Thanks to you, every night is a nightmare......You promised me that you wouldn`t leave me.....So where were you when I needed you most?....I trusted you....And now....You broke that trust.....Not only broke me.....but most broke my heart...."


7. Little Meet

Jenna's P.O.V

 "Psst....Jenna..Wake up ya lazy bum!!", Amanda jumped  on my bed.

"Oof!! Bloody hell, Amanda!! What do ya want?" I say groggily, "It's 11 in the morning! you only have an hour to get ready!! today's the meet and greet!!"

I shoot out off bed and grab random pieces of clothing and ran in the bathroom to take a shower. Once I got dressed I was in this outfit:

I walk out of the bathroom and did my make up and brushed and blow-dried my hair and put my hair in a upside down braid bun. I walk into the kitchen and grab an apple then walk into the living room to see Dani texting on her phone (No surprise there) and wearing this outfit:

"Hello Dan! where's Amanda?" I ask her, "Huh? oh, uh, I don't know-" Dani was cut off by Amanda walking in the room eating a sandwich, "Right here!"

I see Amanda walk in the room wearing this:

"WELL C'MON NOW LETS GO!! ITS ALREADY 12:56!!" Amanda said with her eyes wide as golf balls.

We all walk down to the lobby only to see everyone chatting, or making noise.

"Everyone calm down now! The girls will be here in 1 minute!"

As if on cue, Little Mix walk right into the lobby

"Hello! Hi! Oh nice shoes! I love your hair color! I love your shirt where'd you get it?" I heard Jade talking to everyone. Boy, she is a jumpy one, just like Hannah. "Jade calm down! How much chocolate did you eat?" I see Jesy trying to calm her down. "Oh boy, Jesy don't worry, it's not like someone will come and kidnap the girl! relax." Leigh-Anne tells Jesy. "Exactly! OH MY GOD! DANIELLE!!" I see Perrie walk up to Danielle. "Oh, hi Perrie." Dani said with an annoyed expression. "Oh c'mon Dani, that's not the way to talk to your friend now is it?" Perrie smirks at her. "Hah, sure, `Friend`" Dani scoffs. "hmmph. Oh well hello there! Nice outfit! what's your name?" She looks at me. "Uh, thanks? It's Jenna, Jenna Lawson." I said smiling. "Your welcome dear, though just so ya know It doesn't suit you at all, I bet I'll make it look better than you do." She said smirking. Well isn't she just a ray of sunshine? "Perrie I-" Danielle started but was cut off shortly, "Hello guys! Oh nice boots! Where'd you get them? Do you think there will be some in tan? or grey?" Jade butts in. "Hey sorry about Jade over here, I'm Jesy and this is Leigh-Anne." Jesy said trying to get Jade to calm down. "It's okay, it's really nice to meet you guys!" I said smiling. Well I know I'll get along with them, but I don't know about Ms.Killjoy over there. "I like your outfit! Did you buy at Charlotte Russe?" Leigh-Anne asked. "I bought the crop-top there, the boots at Traffic and the rest of the outfit at Forever 21." I answered her question and also Jade's, "And Yes they do have tan, I don't know about grey though." I added. "Oh, nice TOMS! I like your sweater too." I saw Jade walk up to Amanda. "I like your crop top and bow! oh and those glasses!" Amanda admired Jade's outfit. Jesy and Leigh-Anne leave to talk to other dancers. "Well goodbye Dani and Jenna!" Perrie said smirking, "Finally! I thought she'd never leave! Ugh! I hate her and her spoiled little arse!" Dani rolled her eyes. Woah, I never heard her use such language! She defiantly seems to hate the girl, I don't blame her, I don't like her either. "Why so much though?" I asked. "She flirts with one of my boyfriend's mates, and she even flirts with my boyfriend! And then she's always being rude to me, my boyfriend, and the rest of his mates except for the one she fancies." She said crossing her arms. "Wow, no wonder." I said  shaking my head. "Yea, I know right?" She said rolling her eyes. We stayed in the lobby a little longer until Little Mix had to leave to their suite. "Lets go back now,I'm really tired." I yawned walking towards the lift, Dani and Amanda following close behind. We finally reached up the suite. "Oh well hello again!" I turn to see Perrie across the hall standing in front of a suite door. "Looks like our rooms are just across from each other! That's just great! See you in the morning! Night!" She walks in the suite and closes the door. Perfect, just perfect.


Well it's a short Chapter and stuff, but I promise that the next one will be longer! And no hate to Perrie! She is really sweet! I'm just making her like this in the fanfic! No I do not hate her, I love her to pieces, so don't jump to conclusions! Byeee!

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