"Thanks to you, every night is a nightmare......You promised me that you wouldn`t leave me.....So where were you when I needed you most?....I trusted you....And now....You broke that trust.....Not only broke me.....but most broke my heart...."


3. Little Dancers

~Few hours later~

When I finished with my shower, Amanda was screaming.

"I`m coming Amanda!" I said running down stairs almost dying on them."EEEK! We made it! they accepted us!" She squealed jumping up and down with complete joy. "you scared me! I thought something happened to you!," I said clutching my chest, "And who accepted us?" I asked confusedly. "we`ll I`m sorry, and of course you,me and Dani are going to be on Little Mix`s new vid 'How ya doin?' and we are also going to be dancing on tour with them,how great is that?!" She said still jumping up and down.

oh! I also forgot to mention that me and Amanda are dancers and that`s where we met Danielle, or Dani, and we decided that we would want to be in Little Mix`s new vid, and on their tour, so we signed in to be accepted, and as you can see now, we were!

"WE DID?! that`s great! when do we meet?" I said, and this time I was the one squealing and jumping."Today, that`s why they called!" She said making weird movements with her hands. "And, where exactly?!" I asked excitedly, "at the studio! and now!" She stopped doing the weird movements and looked at me. "well go get dressed!" I said shooing her out the room hurriedly


"I am so excited now!" Dani squealed in her seat, "you`re not the only one, I was screaming when they called!" Amanda squealed with her too. "so loud I almost died! LITERALLY!!" I said emphasizing the word 'literally'.

Me,Amanda, and Dani are in the studio`s office, waiting for our manager Yasmin Aruze to call us in to tell us about our 'work', so we decided to kill some time chatting a bit.

"Okay girls, come in!" Yasmin called us in her 'office' ,we all made our way into the little room, each one of us on a black stool. "okay as you girls heard, you were accepted by Little Mix to be on their new video and on tour," She said looking straight at us, and we all responded with a nod waiting for her to continue, "And we all know you`re going to need to pack clothes for it and all," She continued and we nod again getting a bit impatient. "Well that`s not all, you guys are going to need to practice the dance moves and all." She informed us.Pfft, she says it as if we don't know! "Of course we`ll know that, we`re dancers, and of course dancers need moves to dance!" Amanda said standing from her seat, "And music to dance to,too!" Dani added following Amanda's actions. "Yep, well turns out you do know, so here are the tickets to go over there, hope you enjoy it, but don`t enjoy it too much." Yasmin says handing us the tickets to Cali, and we all grab them with care, gaping at them with bulged eyes.

"Now go pack up, tomorrow you leave early in the morning, so don`t wake up late with your clothes not packed up yet." She shooed us out of the building and with that we left for the great day.


                                                           Authors Note

Hey, well I`m sorry I couldn`t update a few weeks ago, we had the CRCT test a few weeks, then after that week, school staked us up with more homework, then my schedule was full but this week I had enough time too do it, so I did this chapter in 3 days (yes 3 days, no lie, it actually takes a long time to plot) and since i took a long time to update, i`ll take a long time to write a new chapter. Here`s Yasmin! Chose Bianca Lawson.


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