"Thanks to you, every night is a nightmare......You promised me that you wouldn`t leave me.....So where were you when I needed you most?....I trusted you....And now....You broke that trust.....Not only broke me.....but most broke my heart...."


6. Exploring Cali

Jenna`s P.O.V

I woke up to get ready for the tour around Cali. I went to my closet and picked out this outfit:


I went to the bathroom and took a shower, got dressed into my outfit,did my hair in a messy bun, I brushed my teeth and went out of my room and went to the kitchen to get breakfast; 2 bagels with raisins in them, sour cream on top of them, and some tea.

"Mornin Jen!" Dani came in wearing this outfit:

"Morning Dan." I said using the nickname I use for her, "So how was sleep? had any nightmares again?" She asked...A bit worried I might say. "Peaceful, and surprisingly no." I lied, those nightmares are always there... They'll never leave... "Good and what do you mean by "surprisingly no"?" She replied not seeing through my lie...Well that's a first, "Umm, lets just say that the nightmare I had on the plane wasn`t the only one I had..." I admitted...Hopefully she wont ask about the nightmare... Right before Dani was about to say something, Amanda came in wearing this outfit:

"Hey guys, what are you talking about?" She said happily, "`Bout Cali!" I said quickly, "What about it?" She asked, curiosity filled her voice, "How we think it`ll be." Dani said, catching the fact that I don't want to talk about the nightmare. "Oh, okay, what time is it?

I take out my IPhone 5 out to check the time; 7:00.

"Its Seven, we can go to the lobby now, or later." I said still looking at my phone, "Well lets go now then." Dani said grabbing her phone and walking out.


"Hey guys!"

we came to the lobby and it was 7:39, and we were the only group here.

"Hey! Rose!" Dani waved at her, "Why are you guys up this early?" The Italian woman asked, "We thought it would`ve been better if we got here early." I replied, "And we also thought that some groups would be here by now." Dani added."Well you guys are the only group here so far!" Rosalind said, "Not for long though." Amanda said pointing behind us. We turned to see the rest coming, some of them half awake."Alright then, everyone`s here! so lets go and take a look around California!"


"And that`s all of our tour, bye!"

we came back from our tour around Cali. And turns out it`s very beautiful, especially the beaches. Maybe I`ll take a swim with the girls, plus we have 6 hours left, why not spend some time there?

we left to our suite and fell on the couch.

"So, what do we do now? I don't just want to stay here and mope all day!" Dani said with boredom, "Well I thought we could`ve went to the beaches to take a little swim, I mean, We have 6 hours to spend! why not spend time there?" I suggested to them. "Yea! I`m up for it, how `bout you Dani?" Amanda said cheerily, "Yea, sure, why not?" Dani shrugged.  "Let`s get ready then!" I said standing up from the couch.

we all separated to our rooms too get ready to go hang out at the beach.

I went to the drawers and picked the cutest bikini:

I went to get changed and grabbed a bag and gathered sunscreen, tanning lotion, a par of sun-glasses, extra clothes, and a towel.

I did a messy bun and decorated it with a bow that matched my bikini, I put on a teal colored tank-top and put on some wedges.

I went out of my room to see the girls sitting in the living room waiting.

"Come on lets go." Dani said getting up and taking me and Amanda by our hands.


we stepped onto the sandy beach, the cold, fresh breeze hitting my skin as we walked through the beach finding a spot to sit at.

"How about.....THERE?!"

me and Dani turned to see Amanda pointing at a little spot that was not too close to the water, but also not too far.

"Sure." Dani said walking over to the spot and setting her stuff down.

I took off my tank top and started applying on the tanning lotion, and put on my sunglasses.

the rest did the same. Dani was wearing this bikini:

and Amanda was wearing this one:

both were very cute!

when we finished tanning, we went for a swim.

"Hey we should go over there and join them!" Amanda was pointing at some people playing vollyball. "Sure, let`s go, last one there pays for dinner!" I challenged them and we began to race, and turns out Amanda has to take her wallet out. "I DEMAND A REMATCH!" She protested (A/N: NO!! JIMMY PROTESTED! hehe sorry I had to >^<) "No rematches!" Me and Dani yelled back at her laughing in the end. "UGH! alright! I`ll pay, but you guys owe me." She said stomping her foot on the ground...Or sand?

"Yea,yea, yea sure, whatever! let`s play!" I rolled my eyes and shook my head at her, chuckling a bit. "Hey, mind if we join?" Amanda asked the group of girls playing a round of volley. "No, not at all, how `bout you guys against me and the girls." One of the girls said in an American accent, "Ok." Dani agreed. We went to the left side and they went to the right, and they had to serve us.

The girl throws the ball in the air and hits it, then Amanda hits it back scoring (huh? never knew she had it in her.), they serve it again, this time it almost touched the ground but Dani saving us by sliding down and hitting it back, they returned it, this time turning towards me, I tensed a bit, but then I came back, and scoring another point for us!

"Not bad, you guys played before?" One of the girls said, "I did, I was the captain of my middle and high school volleyball team." Amanda says proudly. huh, she never told me, well guess you learn something new every day, no?

This is my thirtieth time." I said, "nine-tenth" Dani added. "Well, you guys are great at it." Another girl complemented us. "Thanks! you guys were great out there too." Amanda Smiled at them, "Thanks, well see you guys around sometime, maybe!" The girl said waving at us.


"How come I haven`t seen any trophies?"

we were walking back to our suite, talking about Amanda and her Volleyball skills, and Volleyball past.

"`Cause I keep them in a secret place." Amanda said walking Cooley. "Oh...Ok then." I shrugged. "Well, it was great knowing about all of your volleyball experience, but Ima go shower and call it a night." Dani said walking to her room.  "I am too, night!" Amanda yawned and followed Dani's actions. "Night!" I replied also doing the same.

I went to my room and took a shower, dressed for the night, brushed my teeth and went to bed



Sorry for taking too long for updating, this summer is VERY busy! I was co-authored in 'We have scars and untold stories', please read if you self harm your self and stuff, and I am working on this new fan-fic, and sorry for such a short chapter, hopefully next one is longer! and for everyone who lives in the U.S.A! Happy 4th of July! :)



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