"Thanks to you, every night is a nightmare......You promised me that you wouldn`t leave me.....So where were you when I needed you most?....I trusted you....And now....You broke that trust.....Not only broke me.....but most broke my heart...."


2. Dream......Or Nightmare

   "AHHHHH!",I woke up with sweat all over the sheets,again i was screaming with the same dream, it was not a dream, it was more of a horrible nightmare... a nightmare that won`t stop bothering me in my sleep. That nightmare that keep me up at night for years. I should`ve known it was coming... his face, promising me he would never leave me. Then he left myself. "why did it had to happen to me?!", I silently cryed into my pillow.  Since he left, I have been having this dream...or nightmare.Over and Over again. "Jenna,are you alright in there?" My friend Amanda knocked on the door. "Yes, I`m find Amanda." I replied, trying hard not to let my fear show. "Are you sure? cuz I just heard you scream, and you`re also sweating." She entered my room, "well, umm, there`s a logical explanation for that..." I say casually, "okay, let me hear that explanation then missy.", FUDGE!! Now what do I say?!   "okay mommy, I`ll tell you." I say, my words full of sarcasm. "ha ha, how funny now tell me." She sat on my bed crossing her arms in front of her chest. I can't believe I'm doing this...Well there's no turning back now.. "well...." I hesitated. I should just make up a lie.. Dammit I can't, I suck at lying, She'll know I am, Ugh!"mhmm, I`m listening." She said leaning her ear closely to my face, "well, um, I screamed cuz, uhhh..." I'm going to tell her now, then she'll have to know about him, and then she'll start to pity me.. I don't want pity... UGH!! Why did you have to leave me?! If only you never left me, then I would've never have been in this situation, If only you haven't left- "RING, RING, RING!", "I`ll go get that." Amanda says leaving the room.

whew, saved by the bell.


                                          AUTHOR`S NOTE

Hi guys!! so I Finally published the new fanfic i promised in "life is a love story", and some may still be wondering why i stopped updating it, well the truth is that i didn`t have any more ideas and i thought it was very crappy and stuff, so I decided to make another Story, so i plotted with my sister, Mew_Ichigo, and we decided to call it "Promises", and since reading, some of you guys may think 'who`s "Him"?' well i can`t tell you who but I can tell you that you`ll find out in the story, so thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed reading this, and if you want to read more favorite this please! and sorry for the short chapter, it`s my first chapter, but I`ll try to make them longer, and read that i said "try" because i can`t make any promises that i`ll break, so please bare with me and my short chapters, i`ll try to do them longer, thank you! and here's a picture of  Jenna! I chose Shay Mitchell because that's how I pictured Jenna.

And for Amanda I chose Ashley Benson.


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