"Thanks to you, every night is a nightmare......You promised me that you wouldn`t leave me.....So where were you when I needed you most?....I trusted you....And now....You broke that trust.....Not only broke me.....but most broke my heart...."


5. California Girls


"Cali, here we come!" we were in the airport, with Dani and the Crew; Jake, Nina, Cassy, Kim, Cameron & Bryce. Ready to leave Manchester, and off to Cali to Dance our little hearts out. "I can`t wait to get there!" Nina, another dancer said jumping up and down with excitement. "I`m excited as much as you are Nina! off to dance with [,for] the best girl band in the world!" Cassy, also a dancer said jumping up and down with Nina, "I am too! I heard that Cali has the best beaches in the world! Hopefully we have enough time to go to them." Kim, a dancer who's from France, but moved here 3 years ago said joining them.Everyone was chatting about us going to Cali. "call for all passengers for California."Well that`s our call guys." Jake, a male dancer who moved here from Sweden said picking up his luggage and walking towards the direction where our flight was at, we all followed him and got on the plane.


We all put our luggage away and sat by someone. I sat by Dani, Amanda sat by Cassy, Nina by Kim, Cameron by Bryce, and turns out Jake had to sit next to a random passenger.


*Beep, beep* Dani`s phone was ringing constantly.

"Oh, it`s Liam calling me, gotta go take this." Dani said walking away. Well, Dani had this boyfriend and I have never met him at all, but I would like to meet him. Dani has talked about him a lot, he is in a band, but never mentioned the name of it though. She hasn`t showed me any pictures of him either, she told me she used to be a dancer for the X-Factor, and that she met him there. Well anyways, I took out my I-pod and started listening to Demi Lovato through out the 4-hour ride ride.


                                 Danielle`s P.O.V


"Why did you leave?.....You promised!...How could you?!...I trusted you!"

 Two hours passed and I was asleep until I heard Jenna Talking in her sleep...And turns out she was having a nightmare, so I decided to wake her from it.

"Umm...Jenna?" I shook her a bit, "YOU LITTLE-oops..." Jenna woke up and looked at me guilt written all over her face. "Um, were talking in your sleep..." I said looking at her worriedly, "Oh...Well I`m sorry if i bothered you..." She said, the guilty look still on her face. "She`s not the only one you bothered!" I heard Jake whisper-yell. "Oh shut up it, will ya Jake?! at least I`m not sitting next to a snoring lady!" Jenna retorted back.

Jake muttered something under his breath and returned back to sleep.

"No, you didn`t bother me at all, it`s just that you were having a nightmare and I decided to wake you from ok now?" I asked, still worried."Yep, thanks for waking me from it." She smiled warmly at me. "No problem, I`ll do anything for you...You can go back to sleep if you want." I told her, "Thanks, but I think it will be best if I stay awake." She said, with a glint of fear showing in her eyes, but disappeared quickly." Alright then..." I said and closed my eyes and drifted to back to my sleepy state...


                                    Jenna`s P.O.V


FA: We`ll be landing in 15 minutes, thank you for flying with us!

I turned my I-pod off and began to wake the rest, except for Dani who was just up an hour ago.

"let`s wake up the rest." I suggested to her, "Sure, you wake the boys I wake the girls?" She asked and I agreed and stood up and began waking them up one-by-one. Then the plane began to land, got our luggage down, and got off the plane.

We were welcomed by two tour guides; a female and a male, holding a sign saying "Welcome to California Little Mix Dancers!". We walked up to them and the introduced themselves.

"Hey I`m Rosalind, but you can call me Ros or Lin for short, and I`m going to be the girls tour guide." Said a women with had long straight Auburn hair with hazel on the tips, green eyes with a hint of hazel in them, light tan skin, and she had an Italian accent, She was gorgeous, and she seemed young, like she was in her 20`s.

"And I am Derick, you guys can call me Rick, I will be the boys tour guide." Said a guy with brown hair,blue eyes, medium skin color, and had an American accent. Derick was cute, but he wasn`t my type, he also seemed to be in his 20`s too.

"Okay ladies let`s go meet the rest!" Rosalind said walking outside.

huh? oh wait I forgot, other dancers from different dance academys from different parts of the world are coming too, and turns out they came earlier than us.


"Alright, last group! here is your suite you guys are staying in!"

We all met the rest of the dancers, and most of them were nice, except for some. But mostly all of them were, which is great! Lin was taking us into our rooms.I was so happy that she paired me up with Dani and Amanda, instead of the rest, though some are nice and all, but I get  more along with Dani and Amanda. They`re like my sisters!

"And here is your schedule! if you need any help I`ll be across the hall!" She handed us a sheet of paper with letters and numbers:

Monday: Meet in lobby for tour at 8 am-4 pm

Tuesday: meet & greet L.M. in lobby at 1 pm-4 pm

Wednesday: Studio for practice at 10 am-3 pm

Thursday: Practice again at studio same time!

Friday: Take a break until 5 pm till practice

Saturday: meet outside to go for M.V ( music Vid.)

Sunday-Wednesday: Enjoy last days at Cali!

Thursday: pack up and leave for L.M. tour!

, And by the looks of it, we are going to be busy for the week.....

I`ve decided to check out the suite.

when you enter there`s a hallway and across is the living room. In the living room are two love-seats then a BIG flat screen, then a case with movies in them. then there were two openings on both sides of the telly, both leading to a petit kitchen. Even though it was petit, it looked elegant. behind the the love-seats was a dinning table not too big nor small, just big enough for 4 people to eat. then in the middle of the living room and dinning room is a small balcony. And back in the hall were 3 doors on right, one for each one of us, and 1 on the left, which was a bathroom. I went to check out the rooms, first one was Purple, which I know Dani will want it, there was a king sized bed, night tables on both sides of the bed, a lamp on the right side of the bed,in the right was walk-in closet with a mirror in it, and a bathroom on the left. second one was turquoise, which is gonna be Amanda`s, king sized bed in the right, drawers on the left side of it, walk-in closet next to the drawers then a mirror on the opposite side of the closet, then in the left was the bathroom. Last one, which I`m guessing it`s mine, was red, king-sized bed in the left, night table in the left side of it with a lamp on top of it, drawers on the opposite side of the bed, walk-in closet in the right side of the bed, a mirror at the right side of the wall, and the bathroom next to the right side of the closet.

I unpacked and went to the shower and put on my angry birds pjs, brushed my teeth and went to sleep ready for tomorrow`s tour.


                          AUTHORS NOTE

    Well there`s a chapter for you guys. Hopefully you liked it, and sorry for taking too long, my mom kept on kicking me off the computer, and laptop, and she also grounded me from my i-pod, so I couldn`t update that soon. But here`s a long chapter, next one will be a bit longer or shorter, it depends if I have enough ideas for it. but any ways, thanks for reading!

Cassy (Janel Parrish)

Nina (Lindsey Shaw)

Kim (Natalie Hall)

Rosalind (Demi Lovato when she had red hair)

Cameron (Tyler Blackburn)

Bryce (Chuck Hittinger)

Jake (Drew Van Acker)

Derick (Brant Daugherty)


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