18 year old haley is kidnapped by the one and only one direction. haley always loved one direction she was obsessed about them but when they kidnape her will she fall in love or fight for her life.


3. why

harrys pov

*last night* me and the lads went out for a drink or two at the bar to get are minds off of things but when we got there we all ended up having way tomany drinks so i dont know what we were going to endup doing. it was 7:30 am by the time we were back in the van and out of no were i yelled why dont we find a girl and keep her? i cant beleive i was so drunk i said that but all the lads said yes so we started looking for a girl and then we saw a verry pretty girl who looked about are age so we pulled up to her she started to run but we were right behind her and then she tripped so zayn and louis ran out and got her and then she blacked out.

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