18 year old haley is kidnapped by the one and only one direction. haley always loved one direction she was obsessed about them but when they kidnape her will she fall in love or fight for her life.


4. were am I?

haleys pov

all i reambier is that i tripped and two men trew me in a van. I woke up and i was on a bed in a small room i could here boys talking "we cant let her go now" one said "why not" because we allready took here" they said

"so" he said "she might tell" "oh right" he i..i wont i said sounding kinda scared. then 5 boys came in the room "please dont hurt me i said" we wont" he said but thats when i screamed out "YOUR ONE DIRECTION" "yes we are" harry said and then i just passed out again.

i woke up to 5 boys staring right at me "were am I" i said "your at are flat" niall said. "why am i here" i said because we wont to have a little fun with you harry said" w..what do mean" i said "you'll see" he said and then they just left me there with harry all alone.

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