18 year old haley is kidnapped by the one and only one direction. haley always loved one direction she was obsessed about them but when they kidnape her will she fall in love or fight for her life.


2. just a normal monday

haleys pov

*beep* *beep* beep* I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going of saying i had to go to school.I hated monday it was the worst day of the week but i knew i had to go to school. i put on some ripped skinny jeans and a purple top with red toms did my hair and makeup and made my way down staris to see my mom trying to cook breakest for 5. "need some help mum" i asked "no" but if you dont want to be late for school you might want to leave now" said my mum "oh my gosh" i had no idea how late i was.  ive got to go mum bye" i yelled at her by the door and started to run. about 5 mins later a black van started to get close to me. i started to run but the van was hot on my trail i could see 5 people in there but like i am i fell and landed on the ground but befor i could get up two men from the van grabed me and trew me in the van and then i blacked out.

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