Falling in love

Haley didn't really care for One Direction. She didn't have anything against them either, the whole fan-girling-thing just wasn't her game. But Haley is convinced by her best friend Clara to accompany her to One Directions concert in the O2 arena in London. What Haley did not know when she accepted to go to the concert was that it would change her life, that she would find herself falling in love...


3. You make me speachless

Haley’s P.O.V

I honestly don’t think I have seen so many people gathered at one place. It was crazy, young girls were everywhere some of them were crying (tears of happiness I suppose), others laughing and talking and even very young children with one direction painted all over their faces was there, clinging to their parents.

We got in the O2 arena and found our seats and a while after, the concert started. Clara was not so surprisingly screaming her lounges out, I just tried to listen to the music and block all the noise out. I wasn’t bad actually, I liked almost every number but especially the one called “More Than This” touched me. I wouldn’t say I was about to cry but it really woke some feelings in me, and when I saw Zayn singing on that stage my heart started beating faster in my chest... I tried telling myself that millions of girls were in love with these boys and that the chances that they would even remember me were minimalistic. But it just didn’t seem to sink in and deep down inside I hoped I could make an impression when we were going to meet them after the show.


“That was just amazing. I have no words to explain it” Clara muttered looking straight in to the air in front of her “amazing” she whispered again. She looked like she was in a trance and I was very amused about how stupid she looked. But I had to agree with her, it had been amazing.

“Yeah, I have to admit it wasn’t bad at all” I said sending her a shy smile. I hated to admit when other people was right.

“Told you so!” she said putting on a cocky attitude. I rolled my eyes at her “yeah yeah, let’s just get to the meet and greet, get it over with” I laughed and winked at her because I knew that she knew how excited I was to meet Zayn.

Backstage we were told to wait because the boys had a lot of meet and greets but they would get to us as soon as possible. The waiting time was excruciating, but suddenly we saw the handle to the door go down and Louis head came in from the opening “hillow girls” he said with a funny accent and a big grin on his face. He opened the door all the way and stepped inside with Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn following him through.

“Oh. My. God” Clara stuttered, “This is probably the greatest and happiest moment of my life” she continued after Harry had let her out of a hug. All the boys hugged us and presented themselves to us, like we didn’t already know them and we told them our names as well. When Zayn got to me he pulled me in a tight hug and I’m sure I blushed cause I could feel the heat in my cheeks. I felt dizzy for a little while, damn he smelled amazing!

“So how old are you guys” Harry asked

“I’m 18” Clara answered and turned to look at me waiting for me to answer Harry but I didn’t hear anything at all, I was just starring at Zayn who stood right in front of me looking at something just above my head. Suddenly his eyes went down a bit and he looked directly in to mine and I looked down immediately “Uhm, Haley is 18, 19 next month” Clara said and gave me an elbow. I shook my head and returned to reality.


Zayn’s P.O.V


Last meet and greet of the day was with these two girls, Haley and Clara. They were really nice and down to earth and I had to say that Haley was a delight to the eye. I felt bad for thinking that way about another girl when I just broke up with Perrie, but there was just something about her that attracted my attention. Maybe it was because she wasn’t freaking out about us, I mean I love the Directioners, but sometimes it can be really overwhelming and it was nice to meet a girl who didn’t look at me like I’m a god or something. It just made me happy to meet someone who just saw us as regular guys who loved to sing and who were lucky enough to have a crowd of people who loved to listen to their singing. The meet and greets are usually like 10 minutes or so but I felt like talking to Haley just to find out what her deal was, and the boys seemed to be enjoying themselves as well so I decided to go for it. “So uhm, do you guys wanna go out for a drink, or whatever?” I asked looking at my feet, a bit nervous about how they would react.

“Sure!” Clara and Haley said all at once.

“Well, I don’t have anything better to do, so why not” Niall laughed “But can we go somewhere that serves burgers? I’m starving!” he added

“Sure Niall” Liam laughed and shook his head at his friend “Don’t give me that look man, a boy’s gotta eat!” We all laughed and headed out.




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