Falling in love

Haley didn't really care for One Direction. She didn't have anything against them either, the whole fan-girling-thing just wasn't her game. But Haley is convinced by her best friend Clara to accompany her to One Directions concert in the O2 arena in London. What Haley did not know when she accepted to go to the concert was that it would change her life, that she would find herself falling in love...


1. Well, why not?

Haley’s P.O.V.


“Pretty please!!” Clara said making a puppy face at me.

“I don’t know Clara. It’s not my thing you know that..” I answered with a friendly smile.

“How can I not be your thing? It’s just good music, hot boys and dancing all night.. I mean, what do you have to lose it’s going to be great, I promise!” she was practically begging and I couldn’t help myself from smiling.

“I’m sure you have other friends freaking out about the whole One Direction thing who would love to go with you” I said, picking the magazine up that I had been reading just before Clara had taken I from me and thrown it to the floor because I didn’t pay her attention.

“But I wanna go with you. C’mon Haley, I got two tickets and it is not just any tickets, it is meet and greet tickets! Even if you don’t like the concert you still get to say that you met One Direction. Pretty awesome huh?” she said winking at me. I laughed how could I turn her down, she obviously wanted me to come, and what kind of best friend would I be to turn her down. Maybe she was right, maybe it was gonna be great.

“Allright I’ll go” I said looking in my magazine “but only if you let me read now, actually you may find this interesting too.” She looked over my shoulder to see what was so interesting. It was an article about Zayn Malik, one of the members of One direction, who apparently broke up with his girlfriend Perrie recently. For a couple of minutes I just sat there pretending to read the article, but I didn’t, actually I was just gazing at this boy Zayn, he was gorgeous to say the least. “Hales? You can flip the page, I read the article like 4 times by now?” she looked at me and realized I wasn’t reading and started laughing. “He is hot right? And in one week we will meet him!!” She jumped up from the couch and started dancing around in my living room while singing out loud. I just kept on looking at Zayn “He is kinda hot” I whispered, happy that Clara obviously hadn’t heard me.


A few days later I was at work, and we were having a busy day. I was practically running around making coffee and serving different cakes to the customers at Starbucks. Just across the street was a poster that I had been looking at all day through the window. On the poster was a picture of five lads hanging on to each other while laughing with the text “One Direction at the O2 arena, buy your tickets now!” All 5 boys were beautiful no doubt about that. But every time I looked the one called Zayn caught my eyes and I didn’t know why. It was probably because he looked, I don’t know, bad-boyish,? Or maybe it was his hair, his skin or his face it could be anything really.. Either way he took my breath away and as I was starring at the poster I felt butterflies flying around in my stomach. I smiled; maybe it wasn’t all bad that I had agreed to go to the concert. “Excuse me miss?” I looked in front of me and saw a gentlemen starring at me obviously awaiting some sort of reaction but I just looked at him confused.  “Can I have a an Latte Grande, please?” He asked politely and I realised I had been daydreaming “Yes of course, sorry, its been a long day” I said smiling while blushing a little.


Oh yes, this concert was going to be absolutely great.

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