Falling in love

Haley didn't really care for One Direction. She didn't have anything against them either, the whole fan-girling-thing just wasn't her game. But Haley is convinced by her best friend Clara to accompany her to One Directions concert in the O2 arena in London. What Haley did not know when she accepted to go to the concert was that it would change her life, that she would find herself falling in love...


2. The day of the concert.. (Authors note at the end)

Haley’s P.O.V


Today is the day. I had to admit I was kinda excited about the concert, and especially getting to meet the mysterious Zayn Malik. I was waiting for Clara to show up and then we would have a drink and get ready together. Around 5  I heard someone knocking at the door very eagerly and there was no doubt it was Clara. As I opened the door she walked right pass me very quietly with a sad look on her face, and I was immediately worried that something was wrong. Was she going to cancel…?

“Clara what’s up?” I asked trying to read her facial expression.

She didn’t answer me but I could se a smile forming and out of no where she started screaming and jumping “I CANT BELIEVE THE DAY HAS FINALY COME! I HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN SO OVERLY EXCITED MY ENTRIE LIFE!” she stopped jumping and screaming and then turned to look at me. I just cracked up laughing and gave her a hug.


Zayn’s P.O.V


I stretched my lazy body and moaned loudly. I didn’t get much sleep yesterday cause I really couldn’t fall asleep. I regretted that by now cause it was going to be a long day but I just hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Perrie. I looked at my phone for a while waiting for a text to show up from her, but nothing happened.
I decided to go get a shower before meeting up with the boys who already told me that we were eating together before the show because they had to talk to me. But I wasn’t stupid though and I saw right through their little game, they obviously wanted to cheer me up. According to our management, my attitude was not good for the bands image, and I bet they talked to the boys and made a deal with them to make sure that my attitude changed for the next show. If there was anything in the World that I did not want to do at this moment it was listening to somebody telling me to cheer up. I just wasn’t happy, devastated was more like it. How hard was that to understand?


While standing in the shower and just enjoying the feeling of the hot water burning my skin, I decided that my strategy would be to pretend that everything was fine whenever the management were around. I wouldn’t have to act in front of the boys because they understood how I felt and I knew I could always count on my 4 best mates.




ATTENTION! AUTHORS NOTE: Please leave a comment or like the story if you like it! Even if you don’t like it I would love to hear why so I can improve as a writer and make my stories more appealing. Do you think I am moving forward to slow, or do you like the excitement? I just know from the Movellas I have read that it seems quite unrealistic when one direction falls in love with a girl right away, so I wanted to try and built it up, so you get to know the characters a bit before I gets really serious ;-) Though no doubt that som gonna be very soon! 

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