Protect One Direction

Lola has never had a normal life when she was born she was sold to a secret organization where they cared for her .... And grew her into a killer with other children she never had friends and never met anyone except her teacher who is like her father. When she is assigned to protect (instead of kill) a certain boy band she falls in love with one of the lads


3. Zayn and Louis

I went to Zayn's room "Zayn? Are you ok ?" "No" "listen I'm sorry if I hurt you" "you did hurt me"  "I'm sorry" "I really like you!" "Do you know anything about me Zayn?" "Your name is Lola and your a girl" "that's it?" "Well, it's not my fualt!" "Louis knows my whole life story" "well, tell me" "I can't tell you or anyone, Louis was not supposed to know either" "look Zayn, I'm new around here. I don't want trouble ok?" "I guess I kind of over reacted " "you think? It's ok bye now" "wait before you go"  he grabbed my hand and twirld until I was in his arms and gave me a kiss. "Mmm" "are you sure you want to leave now?" "I don't know " I heard my phone "gotta get this" "hello!?" "Lola you are not there to make out with them you are there to protect them!" "Umm Wilson?" "Yes this is Wilson!" "I'm just living my life  they don't seem to be in danger at the moment !" "Look another association   is  planning on killing them we just don't know when" "why?" "Because they want people  to be afraid of them by killing the greatest boy band in the world!" "So I'm stuck here till the attack?" "Yes. Just stay with the boys and don't leave them alone" " ugh ok" "bye sweetie" "bye Wilson" "who was that?" Zayn asked. "My .... Dad. Yeah my dad" "oh, where were we?" He put his hands in my hips and kissed down my neck "please give me a chance" "Zayn I can't " "why?" He folded out hands together. "Because I kind of... Like Louis more" "oh...." He let me go. " if you ever change your mind.... I'll be here" "ok"  I went to the living where the rest of the boys were" "how's Zayn?" "Good" "lets play a game!" "A what?" I was so confused. "She's just kidding, she likes classic games than the new ones"  "oh " " how about our version of twister?" "I don't really like that one Lou" "I want to play!" "Me too" Zayn then came "I wanna play!"  Liam held a thing with a pointer. Harry, Zayn and Louis came in with colorful jumpsuits and me Niall just stood but he told me how to play the game. We had to wear these shoes with at the bottom had a bunch fluff so we won't hurt the lads on the ground. "Right foot on red on of the lads arm " "left hand on green chest" I reached out to Harry because he was the first person I saw. Liam started to blush and laughed a bit "right hand on blue one of the boys ...  Balls" I started to blush "oh god" I put my hand on Louis's. "enjoying this? I know I am" Louis said. "Now I know why you wanted to play this game" "yep" he started to joke around by moving up and down on the rug and saying so loud "yeah Lola rub it, rub" I started blushing " he's joking! In not rubbing it!" "Suuure" said Harry. I looked at Louis who was wearing a huge smile. I gave Liam a hurry it up look and I saw through the window  a gun. Gun pointing at Liam. "Liam look out you idiot!" I jumped up and pushed him down just the bullet hit the wall leaving a hole. "What the what? Lola what's wrong with you!?" "Um I saw a some one throw a rock at the window and it most hit you?" ".... Ok then" Louis looked at me "Lola can I talk to you in private?" " yeah ok" . We went into the kitchen  "look I know that wasn't a rock" "I told you someone is coming to kill you idiots!" "Will you stop calling us idiots?" "Fine"  "so if we're left alone will die?" "Yeah" "then what about..." We then heard a girly scream. We ran into the living room to find Harry having blood dripping from his lip. "Harry!" Louis said running to him I went to my room and got my knives. "What happened Harry?" "He tried to speak then he pointed to the kitchen. "Niall" "Niall? Niall!" "Ssshhhh Louis!" I sneaked into the kitchen  and then i saw a girl on top of Niall with a huge knife at his neck "get off him!" I kicked her down and got grabbed her by her shirt but not before she cut my arm. "Who are you and who sent you??!!" She spit at me and said "Like I would tell you" I was so mad I stabbed her with all three knives. Louis stared at me with his mouth wide open. "Did you just" "yes, this would have been you I'd I didn't have to protect and didn't know you" "oh ok then" "what was that?!" I froze when I realized that voice was not Louis's  but Zayn's.










































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