Protect One Direction

Lola has never had a normal life when she was born she was sold to a secret organization where they cared for her .... And grew her into a killer with other children she never had friends and never met anyone except her teacher who is like her father. When she is assigned to protect (instead of kill) a certain boy band she falls in love with one of the lads


1. Worst mission ever

I woke up and didn't bother getting dressed  because I know I'm going to have to change into a disguise later on. "Morning Lola my angel"  "don't start with me" "ok just start practicing" that was my father - like teacher Wilson, he gave me a couple of knives and I guess for know I'm just going to have to use my body. The first dummy popped up and I kicked the head off, next there were two and they both took a knife to the heart then out of now where, one came from the sky, trying some thing new Wilson? I threw the last night over me, and that hit the spot where you wouldn't want to be hit. "Good job! It's always good to practice" "yeah yeah so who am I hunting down?" "Actually..." He took the knives out of my hands, I guess I'm not going to like this. "M for the first time your going to protect some one" "ugh who?" "One direction"  "aren't they like some kind of boy band?" "Yes..." "What ever" "give me my disguise" "actually you don't need one this time" "huh? We bought you a new wardrobe from those magazines of yours" "oh" "here you go  a gift from me" "what?" He gave me a box I opened it up to find a.... A phone? How will THAT help? "Ugh...." "It's the iPhone 5!" "What there are more?" "Ohh this is why I bought this not for fun, but to learn plus it might help you blend in" "once again whatever" "go get ready" I packed up my clothes and then took my small weapons some knives and gun that shoots darts. I put my said "phone" into my purse and grabbed my bag. "Bye sweetie" "bye Wilson" ~4 hours later~ I was welcomed by a boy with great hair and did I see that he had like a mirror in his pocket? "um hi?" "Hello um" "Lola" "hi Lola I'm Zayn" "are you from " "one direction? Yes" "great! Hurry it up and take me to the 6 other boys!" "Umm there are only 5 of us in total." "" "Come on" he grabbed my hand I stomped on his foot. "Ow!" "Don't touch me" "ok, ok " he let me in and I saw 4 other boys jumping on the couches. "Lads ,  this is Lola" "hi" I waved at them. Mission 2: get into their house. "Nice to meet you but... I might not stay here for a long time" "why?" Said a dude with blondish- brownish hair. " cuz I can't pay my rent! It just gets.... Higher?" "Oh" "so I'm gonna have to sell it soon" "that just seems weird.... Buying house then selling it" "I move around alot" "oh" "yeah" "but I really like this place" that Zayn came to my side again "why not stay here with us" "really?" "AWWW" those other boys said. "Shut up". Mission completed. Here I can put your bags in my room  said a guy with brown hair "I'm Louis by the way" "ok then" I gave him my big bag "I can take your purse" "no! " "ok" "that was Louis this is Liam Niall Harry" Zayn said. "Ok"  I go to the guy named Louis's room to check on my stuff. I walk in to find him wearing one of my bras. "Dude!" I kicked him down and took it. "Owww what the heck?" I realized I dropped my knife. I took out my gun "give it back!" "What is wrong with you?!!" "Give it!!" "Why?!" "Wait.... I can't kill you" "why cause I'm gorgeous?" "No because I was sent here to protect you idiots" "what is up" he gave me my knife. I told him the story. "If you tell anyone- " "I get you will kill me with your bare hands!" 

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