Protect One Direction

Lola has never had a normal life when she was born she was sold to a secret organization where they cared for her .... And grew her into a killer with other children she never had friends and never met anyone except her teacher who is like her father. When she is assigned to protect (instead of kill) a certain boy band she falls in love with one of the lads


4. Ugh, not another one!

"Zayn! Oh god!" "Did you just-" "no I didn't kill her!" "Really? So she stabbed herself?" "Fine I did" I told him the whole story, god I should just record it  "Is this why you always hang out with Louis?" "Yeah" "oh " 

~Harry's  POV~ 

did Lola just save my life? I can't believe it she did. Now I know why Zayn likes her soo much. I saw her come back in. "Ok let's see if I learned anything from Louis" she put my head on her lap and started to wipe the blood from my lips  and then used a wet cloth to get rid of the dried blood from my face. I smiled "mhmm" "you like that?"  "Yesh" I sounded so weird because of the lip injury. I saw here do a little laugh.  She took me to my room "did she hurt you any where else?" I took my shirt off for here to see the deep cut which was still bleeding . " ouch, that's gotta hurt" "nah, I'hm fune" she laughed "you sound so funny" . when i finally was able to finaly speak, she wrapped up the cut  and sat next to me on the bed . "How about getting under the covers with me?" "How about you stay there and I stay here?"  She gave me a kiss on my forehead "get some sleep " before she back away, I pulled her on to my chest and rubbed her back. "What are you doing Harry?" "You risked your life to save mine. After that I realized that that was the nicest thing a girl has ever done for me"  "Harry I have enough-" i kissed her pushing my tongue in and out of her mouth. "Harry please don't" I looked at her "are you dating anyone?" "Umm I guess... No? " "then there's nothing  wrong" I pulled her under me. 

~Lola's POV~

i wanted to kick him off but he was already injured so tried  to carefully get him off. Why can't they control themselves when they see a girl? "Harry get off of me! I don't like you or Zayn or Louis ! I just want you guys out of my life!" I felt like hitting my head against the wall until I see blood pouring. "Lola, I really didn't  mean to offend you or anything" he put his hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry... I guess I over reacted" "you guess?" He said in a bit laughter "shut up " I said smiling . "I looked into his gorgeous eyes and leaned in to feel  his soft lips. I played with his hair while kissing him. "Good bye Harry" "bye beautiful" he rubbed my right cheek.  I left the room. Ugh whh can't they control them selves? It's only matter of time before they all start liking me. Gross.  Louis then came up to me " wanna play our version of twister again?" He said with a big grin. "Nah" he moved in closer to me "please?" "No Louis. I'm really pissed off right now" "I teach you every thing  you need to know and I want to play some sex twister is that too much to ask for?" I luaghed but slipped from his grasp. I called Wilson. "What's wrong sweetie?" "Oh shut up Wilson" "something wrong ?" "Get me out of this I don't care what it takes just take me away from them!" "What's wrong Lola?" "One by one there falling in love with switch me with another!" "Lola why do you think I picked you for this? Don't tell the others but your my favorite" "noooo" I said sarcastically. "Any ways I want you to know what the world feels like, you know life" "what ever" "everyone goes through these things it's just a large a puzzle. Find the levies and put them together I've got to go, love you" I hanged up. So, I'm gonna have to pick either Zayn Louis or Harry. Great. Ugh. "Louis?" "Yeah?" "I have been reading this book um and um a girl named um lily has to pick from three nice guys um Zachary, Lewis, and Henry. Who should she pick?" "Um who's cute?" "All" "funny?" "Lewis" "fun?"  "All" "really fun?" "Harry- I mean Henry!" I covered my mouth. "Lola? What's going on?" "Uh, I guess I like you and Zayn and Harry" "oh I see.  Just follow your heart, Lola" "my heart is weak" "oh yeah, it's ok though" "I feel really bad" "why?" "Because I kissed every single one of them" "oh well which did you like the most?" "Idk you're all great kissers!" "Thanks I guess" "welcome I guess" "we'll we had more times together" he said rubbing my leg."I guess but Zayn is the reason I'm here" "yeah but" "and I really felt special when helping Harry heal" "your choice love" "this is so hard!" 













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