Protect One Direction

Lola has never had a normal life when she was born she was sold to a secret organization where they cared for her .... And grew her into a killer with other children she never had friends and never met anyone except her teacher who is like her father. When she is assigned to protect (instead of kill) a certain boy band she falls in love with one of the lads


7. Save you tonight

~Louis's POV~ 

"look, ah- what's your name ?" "Wilson" "look Wilson, I will go and retrieve your daughter...hello? Hello?" "she's...she's not my daughter" "wha- how did you get here?!" "That's not important, are you sure you want to do this... Your really have like a 20%  chance to come out of there alive" "I'll take that chance for Lola" "yeah.. I would to" "why would you call her your daughter if she isn't?" "She was given to us from her parents when she was young, I just act like her father to keep her strong" "I never knew that" I feel so bad for Lola.... What am I doing?! "I'm here listening to story time while Lola is being tortured!" I learned from Wilson where Lola is. "Here I don't trust it with you, but you need some protection" he handed me gun "this Is just... Crazy" 

~Lola's pov~

Andrew stopped being nice hours ago , now I was being banged into the wall. "Let go of me " Andrew looked at me "look lola I've tried being nice but you didn't listen so goodbye, but first" Andrew came at me kissing me again eew. Then he stopped and fell to the ground... " KEEP YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF MY GIRL!" "Louis??"  "Yes love I'm here" Louis unchained me and kissed me repeatedly between I every word he said "I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner, lets go Lola I don't ever want you to get hurt again!" "Louis- Louis! You do know he isn't the only person here... And are you using a.... Gun???!!!" "Yeah but I can't believe I killed him" he looked shaky, he  handed me the gun "just get us out Lola" "yes" when ever some one popped at us, I would shoot them down "weak" I realized one of them was able to attack Louis. "Hey!" I kicked him down and grabbed Louis, "new plan, run!" "Wait" "what louis" "why run" "um to live" "I'll just slow you down" "Louis were in this together" "still!" "So you wanna stay here" "we are all gonna die one way or another" "your the boss" "really" "no not really! Lets go!" I grab his hand pull him to the door. "Stop Lola! I'm not leaving!" "Ugh! I'm done playing! Get your ass up and lets move!" " NO JIMMY PROTESTED!" " what does that mean????!!!???" "...." I'm pulling him by both hands now, luckily I can see the exit "thank god" out of no where a man cam out and threw at us a grenade "Lola!" Louis grabbed me from behind pushed me from the floor, he had a tight grip as we crawled away.  We finally made it far away  and we just sat and relaxed. " happy? We got away" "Louis, it's my job to protect you, and the others, I'm not stupid enough to let you just go and die" "but... It's just gonna get harder!" "What?" "They are already trying to kill us. What will they do next?!" "Probably, wait until I die and get you guys" he laughed, "maybe they will blow us up" I started to laugh until I realized something, I could barely breath, "Louis! The other boys! They are all alone! " "so? They are safe. And um, that dude, Wilson came over-" " Wilson!!??? Now they can track them! Ugh, stupid Wilson be knows better! Lets go!" We started running to the apartment, "Lola! They are going to be fine! Slow down!" "Louis how about, hurrying up!?" I was getting tired, until I finally made it. "ZAYN LIAM NIALL HARRY... WILSON!!" They all came out "what?!!" Harry said, "are you guys hurt?" "No" "are you sure?" "Yes" 



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