Protect One Direction

Lola has never had a normal life when she was born she was sold to a secret organization where they cared for her .... And grew her into a killer with other children she never had friends and never met anyone except her teacher who is like her father. When she is assigned to protect (instead of kill) a certain boy band she falls in love with one of the lads


8. Leaving?

 "Um... If you guys are ok then, I guess, um, I have to go " "that's exactly why I came here! " Wilson said cheerfully. "You can't go Lola!" Louis said. "Louis... This is why I can't be loved or have any friends... I always have to go, one way or another" "but I love you" "you couldn't possibly love her!" "Wilson stay out of this" "Lola we all have become so attached to you" "Louis we just met you may be my first boyfriend but I don't think you can be anything more" "so... You used me?" "No Louis I didn't its just I didn't even want to pick from you and Zayn and Harry!"  "Louis can I talk to you?" "What?" "I... Love you. And the way you saved my life, knowing that your life would be at risk... I owe you one." I did a little unhappy chuckle "Maybe a big favor. You see, it was torture in the beginning but you and the boys gave me memories and moments in my life and you were all like my family and I- I.." I started to cry. "I just don't know what to do know because I.. You all gave me an amazing life.. and it's probably going to be a short life but-" he kissed me. "I love you too." He said smiling, "And that favor you owe me, I'm using now. Run away with me." "W-what?" "Run away with me. I'll be Peter Pan and you'll be my Wendy." "Peter Pan.. When I was young Wilson used to read me that story... But as I recall... Wendy returns home." "Not this time. We will change the story." He put his hands on my hips. " Peter Pan takes Wendy to Neverland. They raise a couple of children and defeat their enemies together. Wendy never wants to leave the arms of Peter. She lives all her troubles behind and live happily ever after." "Oh Louis... Yes! Yes let's go someplace far away!" "We'll need it to be an island so no one can bother us!" "Hawaii?" "Perfecto." We'll leave England tonight!"

~at home~

Louis and I were packing quickly, we didn't want the boys to find out until we were in god knows where. Louis was starting up the car and I was helping him put the luggage in the car. "Are you ready love?" "Yeah.." I guess he saw the worry on my face. "Are you okay Lola?" "Yes! Of course I am! I'm running a away with you to an island paradise! Hawaii! And I don't have to do anymore..." "Killing?" I did a little chuckle, "yeah.. Killing." "But trust me, it'll just be a long vacation.. With me." "Louis... I just can't imagine a life without Wilson! He's like my father he took care of me when no one else did, and sure he can be annoying but he does it all out of love!" "Darling, I'll be taking care of you and I'll protect you from any harm!" I knew I'll be the one protecting, but I let him have his moment. "Thank you Louis." I hugged him and kissed his cheek.

Hawaii here we come.

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