Protect One Direction

Lola has never had a normal life when she was born she was sold to a secret organization where they cared for her .... And grew her into a killer with other children she never had friends and never met anyone except her teacher who is like her father. When she is assigned to protect (instead of kill) a certain boy band she falls in love with one of the lads


2. Learning

I felt  like an idiot. I don't what to do except kill.  "You never had one friend?" "No..." "Well, you do now!" I saw him pull out hands and I grabbed a knife. "Woah, woah woah! This is a hug!" "A what?" He wrapped his hands around me and I guess I do the same. I could tell I was blushing and he started laughing "this will be fun" "yeah I guess" "ok so what do you know?" "Mostly the important things, eating, talking, breathing, buy and wear clothes, if I can get a car drive it and read and write, oh and I guess I can draw a bit" "great you know the basics! Now you need to learn about friend ship and how to live your life without killing" "without killing? I'd be dead!" "No you won't, and their other ways to get what you want cuteness, being smart, sneaky well I guess your already sneaky and spoons" "spoons?!" "Go get a spoon and walk in front of Liam " "ok" I went to the kitchen and got a spoon "um hi Liam" "AAH!" He jumped and hid behind the couch of the couch "get away!!" "See?" Louis said talking the spoon and put it away. "It's gone Liam" "thank god" "come on Lola" we walked to Zayn "Lola this is how  you can hurt Zayn"  he took Zayn's  mirror and dropped it. "NO MICHAEL!! LOUIS HIW COULD YOU?!" "Michael!? You name them now?" "Yes" I started to laugh. We then put a lock on the fridge and waited for Niall. "I'm hungry " "what's new?" Louis said about to explode with laughter. Niall struggled with the lock "my cupcakes are in there!! Daddy's coming don't worry!!" "You guys are weird" Louis was now laughing and he took off the lock. "Our next victim: Harry"  Louis sneaked into Liam's room and took his straightener. "Sshh" we then started to straighten his hair bit by bit. 13 minutes later we heard a scream and we walked into the living room. "WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY HAIR??!!!!" "Once again, you guys are weird" "oh please you beat up everyone you see" "we'll I'm sorry" they smiled and they  me a huge "hug" it felt nice . I have 5 new friends. We heard ring from the door bell and I ran to it. " Lola!  Don't use force!" I slowed down Louis was right so I opened the door. "Who ordered the pizza?" "Me me!!!" Niall said paying for it "thanks" "you still got much to learn " he said walking to his room. "Like what Louis?" "Like what relationship is" "hm?" "It can go from friend to marriage"  "oh" "do you always do that?" "What" "lick your lips" "yeah.." "Go on" "ok so their is  friends, couples, married couples, and old couples" "how so you go from friend to couple?" "Like this "

~ Zayn's POV ~

I know I literally just met Lola but heck she lives in our house! And I really like her she can hurt people but doesn't everyone? So I might as well ask her out, eh?   It's not crazy. I mean Harry could ask a Girl out and then have sex with get and we don't think he is crazy so why can't I just ask her out?  I think she might be with Lou on packing her stuff. I walk in to find Louis on top of her kissing her gorgeous lips. That should be me. I closed the door in rage and ran to my room. What just happened ?   I looked in the mirror was I crying? 

~Lola's POV~                                                                                                                                                          

louis gave me something called a "kiss" and get this when you kiss some one you put your lips together and some cases you can "tongue kiss" maybe you guys already know his but I didn't it  felt so good. Zayn they came in. "Oh hi Zayn" "shut up Louis" "lad what's wrong?" "I see that you were to busy kissing her to notice me walk in before! How could you do this to me Louis!" "What are you talking about?" "I really like Lola but I guess you don't like me" Zayn looked like he was crying and he waked out I guess again.

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