Eternal Friendship


2. Eternal Friendship


My life is over,

I have nothing to look forward to.

Why? because I'm not with you.

It's only me now, I'm not the same anymore.

I don't eat as much,

Speak as much as I used to with you.

I' failing, while you're up above.

The only sign I receive is a little dove, singing its song

It reminds me how well we got along.

It's been two years since you slipped from my grip

I remember how in tough times we used to stick.


It's been two years and I'm not getting by,

But, I heard that angels were meant to fly.

I take action right away,

Before I know it, my vision's gray

My vision turns white as I feel like I'm being wheeled in,

I guess the end is about to begin.

The light is all I see

I look at myself and I'm in a white gown

I turn around and there you are

I'm sorry, we just can't be apart

I guess the end is only the start 

and now I get to love you with my eternal heart.

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