Human Masquerade

My nanowrimo 2012.
Johan Linde is getting sick and tired of his mother. The only escape he has is found in a patient from his mothers hospital. A girl he have never meet in real life, but whos voice he knows better than he own.


2. The Fool

Chapter 0. – The Fool

The anonymous narrator, Larry.


The beginning to freedom is unsecure

We all need light in the darkness


A solitary street lamp flashes a single time and turns off the entire street, just for a moment. When the light returns everything is changed.

                      Two persons are standing under the street lamp, bathed in the pale, uncolored light spot. It is a tall man and a short woman. She leans her head towards his chest. In return he places his arm around her and pulls her closer. He shields her against the chaos surrounding them.

                      Behind them the world is in flames. The building is nearly burned out while the red flames are dancing around the building’s interior. A car is driven through the building’s façade. You can barely see a rear wheel in the darkness.

                      He whispers something low into her ear, the street lamp flashes again, and the man has disappeared in the darkness.

                      She tries to follow him with the corner of her eyes, listens after his footsteps against the cobblestone; the only thing she hears is the flames of hell, which slowly consume the building and the car.

                      She slides down on the ground, her bag against the street lamp. Sooty hands slides repeatedly times through her hair in intense motions, until her hair is black too. Her hands glide down her face. She sobs in her hands, while her nails scratch her cheeks.

                      The street lamp blinks again, this time the light doesn’t return.

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