Muggle-Born and Proud

*FINISHED* Lola Xavier thought she was normal. But ever since she was a baby, her family realised there was something strange about her. Whenever she cried, her pacifier came to her. Whenever she was hungry, her bottle would fly across the room. By age three, she was doing everything without using her hands. Now age 11, Lola receives a letter, by no ordinary means of messaging, but by owl, telling her that she was a witch. Lola must be trained in the magical arts, she is given a week. If she can successfully make it through that week, she will be able to continue her magical training, if not, everything goes back to the way it was.


5. Time Flies *Last Chapter*

Lola's POV

I can't believe how fast a week can go by. It's already the end of the week and I'm dreading my exam. I was walking to class when Dumbledore pulled me aside and into an empty classroom. He gave me the exam and told me he would give me the results at the end of the day. Now I have to tell Albus and Rose about this.

While we were in the common room they asked why I missed class, and I told them everything. They both started to get teary-eyed, I know I've only known them for a week but it feels like forever. "So, so, if you fail, you won't remember us? And we'll never see you again?" "Yeah, but let's not think like that, and even if I do fail, I expect you know how to use a phone?" they nodded. "Keep in touch, and if I don't remember you, do everything you can to make me remember. They can wipe my memory but that doesn't mean they can take away my magic. No matter what I'll always be able to see the Leaky Cauldron when everyone else can't. I'm a Muggle-Born and Proud of it." "We'll stay up with you until you get your results back." I just nodded.

We waited around the fire until Dumbledore came in with an envelope. He handed it to me without a word and walked out. I opened it and read aloud, "Unfortunately, you have failed your exam. I suggest you pack everything, but your magical equipment. I will escort you back to London, and the Obliviators will wipe your memory of everything that has happened to you since you've found out you were a witch. We leave at midnight." Before anything, I ripped off a piece of the envelope and wrote my house phone number on it and handed it to Rose. "Don't forget." I said, and walked upstairs to begin packing.

Dumbledore showed up in the common room when I was ready and,according to Dumbledore, Apparated to London, where the Obliviators were waiting. There was a flash of light and I was in my house. My mom came down. "Back already?"

"Back from where?"

"Hogwarts, of course."

"What's a Hogwarts, I've never heard of it in my life."



That's the end, sorry it was so short but I didn't have time, and I'm not very good at writing. So.....


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