Muggle-Born and Proud

*FINISHED* Lola Xavier thought she was normal. But ever since she was a baby, her family realised there was something strange about her. Whenever she cried, her pacifier came to her. Whenever she was hungry, her bottle would fly across the room. By age three, she was doing everything without using her hands. Now age 11, Lola receives a letter, by no ordinary means of messaging, but by owl, telling her that she was a witch. Lola must be trained in the magical arts, she is given a week. If she can successfully make it through that week, she will be able to continue her magical training, if not, everything goes back to the way it was.


3. Shopping in Diagon Alley

Lola's POV

We took an underground train into the heart of London. We then turned down a busy street and were walking in the direction of a very old, shabby looking pub. Many of the people walking past acted like it wasn't there and simply looked from the shop on its left, to the shop on its right, but I could see it as clearly as the rest.

As we got steadily closer, I was able to read the sign that was so faded and weathered it was almost impossible to read: The Leaky Cauldron. We walked in and straight to the back after Hagrid was greeted by several people. We went through a door into a small enclosed alleyway with a few rubbish pails.

Hagrid was muttering quickly to himself. Then he began tapping numerous random bricks on the wall in front of him. But before I could ask what he was doing, the bricks began to rearrange themselves and soon enough there was an opening in the wall, big enough for a Hagrid-sized man to fit through. I was looking down a very crowded street with several shops all of which were magic related. Such as: an Apothecary, Madame Malkins: Robes for all Occasions, and Quality Quidditch Supplies. And for the record I have no idea what a "Quidditch" is. We went into several stores like these to get my supplies then with a trunk load of magical items and my new owl, Andromeda, we headed to Ollivander's Wand Shop.

Several minutes later, we were at King's Cross Station with my new 9 inch, maple, unicorn hair wand. Hagrid stopped abruptly and handed me my ticket and mumbled something about, "...wanted to see me..." and dashed away. I was confused by the ticket that was labeled Platform 9 3/4. I knew that there was a Platform 9 and a Platform 10, but I had never heard of any Platform 9 3/4.

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