Muggle-Born and Proud

*FINISHED* Lola Xavier thought she was normal. But ever since she was a baby, her family realised there was something strange about her. Whenever she cried, her pacifier came to her. Whenever she was hungry, her bottle would fly across the room. By age three, she was doing everything without using her hands. Now age 11, Lola receives a letter, by no ordinary means of messaging, but by owl, telling her that she was a witch. Lola must be trained in the magical arts, she is given a week. If she can successfully make it through that week, she will be able to continue her magical training, if not, everything goes back to the way it was.


2. A Visit From A GIANT?!

Days later I still haven't heard from anyone, except the one other letter I got the next day.

Dear Ms. Xavier,

There is one thing that Professor McGonagall has forgotten to tell you. Considering you are an exchange student, you will be given a week to learn the basics of the First-Year's magic. At the end of that week you will take a short exam to see if you are comprehending the materials. If you fail to pass the exam you will be sent home and have your memory modified by the Obliviators, if you do, however, you will be granted permission by myself to continue your magical studies.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore


But other than that, I haven't heard anything else otherwise. I guess I spoke too soon because I heard a screech at my bedroom window and saw the same owl from last time sitting perched at the window. I took the letter out of the pouch again, and read aloud:

Dear Ms. Xavier,

In regard to your letter, I will be sending the Hogwarts gamekeeper to assist you with your shopping. I hope to see you soon.

Good Luck.


Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Gamekeeper? What does she mean she's sending the Hogw-- BOOM! "What was that about?!" BOOM!

I opened my door to find the front door hanging off the hinges of the doorway. And in the house was a giant man. He looked at me with beetle black eyes, poking out of the tangled beard that covered most of his large face. "Sorry 'bout that." he said.

"Don't mean to be rude but who are you, and why are you in my house?"

"My name is Rubeus Hagrid, but you can call me Hagrid, everyone does. And I'm gamekeeper at Hogwarts. I've come here on Professor Dumbledore's orders."

"Professor McGonagall sent me a letter." He nodded. "I'll go tell my parents."

I went upstairs and to my mother's room. "Mom, someone from that school is here to help me get my supplies. I'll be back later."

I went downstairs and Hagrid and I were off.

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