My name is Alex, i am 18 years old, blonde, and have blue eyes (aren't like Niall's like a dark but are bright) i am afraid, not of dogs or spoons but of trusting, when i was 12 i was in a car accident with my best friend, her pregnant mom, and brother, we were hit by a drunk driver, and i was the only one who made it out alive. I didnt come out untouched, i had social issues, not issues where i wouldnt talk but where i was afraid to trust. In freshman year i got a boyfriend, i found out tht he cheated on me so when i went to break up with him he knew wht i was gonna do, so he hit me, he hit me 5 to 6 times a day for 3 years, until i finally got away. I still live with my family, my mom who works 24/7 my dad left us so not him, my 24 year old sister but she just moved, and my little sister, Niki whom i love to death, but what happens when Niki the 12 year old meets someone famous?


9. the pain

They carried me to the car and we drove off, i was still bridal style on Harry's lap, as Niall drove and kept smacking the wheel in anger, Liam sat in the passenger's seat and held his head in his hands, and Lou and Eleanor were both in tears. I could feel that I was drifting off because my body was working to stop from puking the blood and was using all my energy. I started to close my eyes not on purpose though, I just had to I was soooo tired. I quickly drifted into a long sleep. When I awoke everyone was next to me holding my hand, wich Niall was doing, or like Lou put my legs across him while my body was on Harry's lap, Liam was holding ice to my eye and Eleanor was sitting there with her head on my leg and was holding my other hand

"this is a nice suprise"- me

"This is a horrible suprise I mean how could he have done..." - niall started to say but I cut him off

"I meant about waking up to u guys." Me

"Oh" - niall

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