My name is Alex, i am 18 years old, blonde, and have blue eyes (aren't like Niall's like a dark but are bright) i am afraid, not of dogs or spoons but of trusting, when i was 12 i was in a car accident with my best friend, her pregnant mom, and brother, we were hit by a drunk driver, and i was the only one who made it out alive. I didnt come out untouched, i had social issues, not issues where i wouldnt talk but where i was afraid to trust. In freshman year i got a boyfriend, i found out tht he cheated on me so when i went to break up with him he knew wht i was gonna do, so he hit me, he hit me 5 to 6 times a day for 3 years, until i finally got away. I still live with my family, my mom who works 24/7 my dad left us so not him, my 24 year old sister but she just moved, and my little sister, Niki whom i love to death, but what happens when Niki the 12 year old meets someone famous?


10. texts


Alex pov.

I think that they knew not to talk about what happened because they didn’t say a word after. I didn’t want to admit but when I saw Zayn and Perrie holding hands it just took a little piece out of me, I just felt like that was supposed to be me. What even hurt more was that Zayn wasn’t here with me and the others.

“Where is Zayn?....  and Perrie?”-me

“We never even got a chance to tell them what had happened, when we saw that you were gone Zayn and Perrie looked around inside the club and we went out back to see if you were back there.”-Harry

 Should call him and tell him what happened.”-Liam

“We need to go, we have an interview in an half an hour, but we will be back after.”-Louis

“You guys don’t need to come back, it’s okay.”-me

“I am coming no matter what.”-Niall

“Me to.”-Harry

“Please you bitches think I aint gonna be here for my girl?”-Louis in a sassy voice

We all laughed very hard which made my ribs hurt, actually it made it feel like there was a horse kicking them. Right away I grabbed my ribs and all the others quickly stopped and rushed right back next to me.

After the boys left I turned on my phone to see 18 new text messages… all from Zayn. I smile at this and my heart stopped beating when I saw 6 missed calls all from him to. I read everyone and every single one made me feel loved, and that rarely happens to me.

From: Zayn

Where are you? Xx

12:30 pm


From: Zayn

Are you okay? xx



From: Zayn

Alex answer me please. Xx



From: Zayn

Beautiful, are you trying to ignore me xx



From: Zayn

Why won’t you answer? Xx



From: Zayn

Please let me see you, I need to see those amazing eyes. Xx



From: Zayn

Good night love. Xx



From: Zayn

Good morning beautiful. Xx <3

10:24 am


From: Zayn

Can you at least tell me if you are okay? Xx

10:54 am


From: Zayn

There is no trace from you, where are you? Xx

11:16 am


From: Zayn

HE DID WHAT? Liam told me. Are you okay? Xx




From: Zayn

I will be over soon, right after the interview. Xx

5 min. ago

I skipped some texts from the middle but after all the reading I had tears in my eyes. El ran towards me and asked what was wrong so I handed her the phone where she read all the texts and looked up at me.

“He hasn’t done that for Perrie, when she disappears he just says what ever.”

“But he loves her, I know he does.”-me

“Not like this.” She said while pointing to all the text messages.

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