My name is Alex, i am 18 years old, blonde, and have blue eyes (aren't like Niall's like a dark but are bright) i am afraid, not of dogs or spoons but of trusting, when i was 12 i was in a car accident with my best friend, her pregnant mom, and brother, we were hit by a drunk driver, and i was the only one who made it out alive. I didnt come out untouched, i had social issues, not issues where i wouldnt talk but where i was afraid to trust. In freshman year i got a boyfriend, i found out tht he cheated on me so when i went to break up with him he knew wht i was gonna do, so he hit me, he hit me 5 to 6 times a day for 3 years, until i finally got away. I still live with my family, my mom who works 24/7 my dad left us so not him, my 24 year old sister but she just moved, and my little sister, Niki whom i love to death, but what happens when Niki the 12 year old meets someone famous?


15. roof

Alex pov

I nodded at Zayn’s question and was quickly pulled away. We started to walk down a road I was not used to at all. It was an abandoned town. I didn’t want to admit it but this place gave me the creeps. “Where are you taking me?” I asked “You will see.” Zayn replied with a grin on his face. “You’re trying to kill me aren’t you?” I asked Zayn laughed at my question. We walked for a little while longer until we reached an old building and Zayn said that this was the place. It was already dark out and the stars were out. Zayn lead me up multiple flights of stairs until we reached a door. Zayn opened it so I could peer out. I was in shock. It was beautiful, it was a flat roof top that had the best view of the stars. On the roof was a chair to lay on. I walked to the edge where there was a railing, I let Molly’s leash go and Zayn did the same to Duke’s. I stood there looking up at the stars for a while until Zayn broke the silence by kissing my check and whispering how beautiful I was in my ear. I turned and kissed him. We both layed on the chair looking up at the sky, it was about 2 am when we finally got home, we just sat in silence on the chairs watching the stars. When we got home El pulled me into our bedroom where Dani already was “Where were you?!” El asked excitedly “He took me to a roof top where we watched the stars.” I stated El and Dani both had wide eyes at this “Alex, Zayn has never taken anyone up there, its where he is every night when he is here visiting.” Dani spoke. We ended up talking all night about it and the girls would not drop it they kept saying that this meant a lot and that this is the most love he has showed anyone. They even said not even Perrie had been up there. At that comment I was shocked, did he love me?

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