My name is Alex, i am 18 years old, blonde, and have blue eyes (aren't like Niall's like a dark but are bright) i am afraid, not of dogs or spoons but of trusting, when i was 12 i was in a car accident with my best friend, her pregnant mom, and brother, we were hit by a drunk driver, and i was the only one who made it out alive. I didnt come out untouched, i had social issues, not issues where i wouldnt talk but where i was afraid to trust. In freshman year i got a boyfriend, i found out tht he cheated on me so when i went to break up with him he knew wht i was gonna do, so he hit me, he hit me 5 to 6 times a day for 3 years, until i finally got away. I still live with my family, my mom who works 24/7 my dad left us so not him, my 24 year old sister but she just moved, and my little sister, Niki whom i love to death, but what happens when Niki the 12 year old meets someone famous?


12. romatic sleepers!


Zayn and I walked back into the living room but right before we hit the couches I slipped and fell. I was on the ground laughing my head off, when I finally looked up at Zayn who had a worried look at his face. It was then that I realized I had cut my leg and it was bleeding. Before I could say anything Zayn had picked me up and carried me into the bathroom, by this time I was starting to feel the stink from the cut. When we got to the bathroom Zayn set me on the counter and pulled out a first aid kit and grabbed the things he needed from it.

“Are you ready?”- Zayn

“Be careful?”- Me with a puppy dog face on and in a baby voice

“I always am babe”-Zayn

After Zayn had cleaned out my cut we walked to the living room when the others ran in, even Dani. Every single one of them had big smiles. Even before any words were said El held up a picture of me and Zayn kissing, dang it I guess the paparazzi got it.

“Shit, Simon is going to kill me.”-Zayn

“I just got off the phone with him, he’s not mad in fact he said he is happy and same with management.”-Liam

“It’s only 10 pm, what should we do?”- Niall

“TOYSTORY!!!”- Liam

We all agreed to watch the movie because we all knew (Except for Liam and Dani) that we weren’t actually gonna pay attention. We all sat down on the huge coach, first on the end was Harry, Dani, Liam, Louis, El, Me, Zayn, and Niall. I got popcorn for the movie because the others said I couldn’t have any coffee. I was actually watching the movie but soon I noticed that Zayn was looking down at me, I grabbed a piece of popcorn and slipped it into his mouth. We all ended up falling asleep before half way into the movie. When we woke up Niall was sucking his thumb, Harry was purring like a cat (Not joking) Dani was cuddling with Liam, and Lou was kissing El’s check while she was snuggled up together, and I was in Zayn’s arms. Right away I took a picture of El and Louis. I tweeted the picture and added a nice caption “AWWW best sleeping position ever! They are even romantic when they are asleep!” Right away my twitter notifications boomed with feed with a lot of people retweeting and liking the post.


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