My name is Alex, i am 18 years old, blonde, and have blue eyes (aren't like Niall's like a dark but are bright) i am afraid, not of dogs or spoons but of trusting, when i was 12 i was in a car accident with my best friend, her pregnant mom, and brother, we were hit by a drunk driver, and i was the only one who made it out alive. I didnt come out untouched, i had social issues, not issues where i wouldnt talk but where i was afraid to trust. In freshman year i got a boyfriend, i found out tht he cheated on me so when i went to break up with him he knew wht i was gonna do, so he hit me, he hit me 5 to 6 times a day for 3 years, until i finally got away. I still live with my family, my mom who works 24/7 my dad left us so not him, my 24 year old sister but she just moved, and my little sister, Niki whom i love to death, but what happens when Niki the 12 year old meets someone famous?


6. el

I kind of felt bad but i was excited when i got a private tweet from Eleanor asking for my # i gave it to her, but i saw Zayn tweeted something that made me almost cry "Sorry guys, me and Perrie didn't break up i clicked on single by mitake when i changed my age." I read this over about 100 times. My phone went off and there was a text message from someone

"hey its Eleanor but you can call me El fyi."

"O hi, Omg i was shocked when you asked for my #"-me

"Oh well i couldn't miss the oppertunity to talk to someone as pretty as you!"-El

"YOu know wht i look like?"-Me

"I was on Wali's fake facebook and saw ur account."_el

"Oh hahaha"-me

"I am sorry..."-El

"You know?"-me

"Yeah WAli was crying one night so i talked to her and she was just upset about what has happened to u."-El

"o, well i don't care if ur mad."-Me

"So i am ur woman crush!?!?!?!"-el

"HAahahaha u saw my tweet from last month?" -me

"Yeah, it made my day. :)"-el

"O well it true, ur freakishly gorgeous.."-me

"i know this might be weird but i am staying in Florida, well i moved here, and Wali ttold me i live just a couple miles away from you, so i was wondering if you wanted to go to dinnner with me/"-el

"OMG!!!! YES!!!"-me

"Okay so can i pick u up?"-El

"So u also know where i live?"-me

"Wali wanted to show me how big ur house was."-el

"O ok."-me

"Um well i know its weird but the boys say i would LOVE you because ur mischevious and funny so wanna have a sleepover? We can crash at my house."-El

"Ya! should i bring clothes?"-me

"Wht size clothes r u?"-el

"Blahahahaha (told her)"-me

"oh great same!!!1 well i have to much clothes so u can use mine."-el

We decided that she would pick me up in 45 min, and go to a very nice resturant, so i took a shower and planned my outfit http://www.polyvore.com/dinner_with_elounor_calder/set?id=78428512 (if u dont wanna go to this ill have a link in my comments, but it if a red floral skirt with a tucked in cami with matching red heals, pearl earings, and a pearl neclace.)

I left my hair down and i looked cute so i grabbed my red purse and phone and went downstairs i left a note for my mom and Niki, but NNiki was sleeping at a friends and we have a nanny for her. Just as i finished the note i saw a porshe come into my driveway, the weirdest part is i have the same one exept blue and hers was green. I walked out and right away she jumped out of the car.

"Oh my God u look even prettier in person! God ur stunning!"-El

"Shut up! Look at u!"-me

"Ok well we can argue about this later, but lets get going!"-el

We jumped into her car and drove off, on the way we talked about things like Louis and the boys.

"Can i tell you something?"-el

"Yeah of course!"-me

"Louis and i were talking and Zayn and Lou r close and last night Zayn told the boys that he doesn't think he likes Perrie anymore..."-el

"Really? They seem so happy!"-me

"Shhh well he found out she's a bitch."-el

"Is she really?!?!?!"-me

"Oh yeah!"-el

"Wow she seems so nice!"-me

"OOOO i forgot Danielle is meeting us there, she like is in love with u!"-el

When we got to the resturant there was alot of paperazzi and somehow they all knew my name, El grabbed my hand and we tried to walk to the doors but it was hard with them surrounding us, when we were almost at the dor one of the men yelled out

"So Alex when was the last time your ex beat you?"

I stopped and so did El i was shocked and felt like crying but Dani (Danielle Peazer ((Fyi i cant spell to same my life)) came running out of the doors and grabbed hold of me and pulled me to safety, but i was being blocked, El jogged beside me trying to get the paperazii away from me. When we finally got into the resturant Dani hugged me.

"O my God its so good to meet you!"-Dani

We all took our seets and the paperazii looked through the window, we talked and it ended up that i got along with these girls sooooo well and i really liked them.

"I think we should ask her i really like her how about you?" El whispered to Dani while i was reading the menu

"I do to!"- Dani whispered back

"Ask me what?"-Me

"Well my house is huge, and i kind of hav like alot of guest rooms go i aasked Dani if she would move in with me, and we were wondering if you would move with us?!" El said with a hopeful smile


all of us stood up and hugged and we quickly ate. After it was only 7 pm so we drove back to my house. I called my mom and she said i could move in with the girls so we freaked out. El said that her room were really cool and Dani agreed so we decided that i would leave my furniture at my house. Dani and El both fell in love with the dogs and Dani got their furniture together while me and El got my things like clothes, computer stuff, phone stuff, ipad, and nicknacks. El fell in love with my clothes so we decided me, Dani, and El would share all of our clothes because  we were the same sizes, even shoe sizes. When we were done we packed everything in my car, Dani's car, and El's car. We all drove to her house and it was HUGE. We all unpacked and the most exciting part is el already called and had another wall knocked down so all me, Dani, and El's rooms were connected. It didn't take long for us to unpack everything and by the time we were done it was only 9. We talked about my alcohal and i told them that i was done with it and i told them i could control it so we went to a night club. (So the outfits are  this link http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=78433353 like i said i will aslso have this in my comments but u have to look at this one i am not gonna explain it)

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