flash mobs can lead to more...

emily and her bestfriend macey love dancing. they have been doing it since they were little girls. they both live in georgia. they are both single. one thing they love is flash mobs. they do about 4-5 very month! they sometimes put them on youtube but mostly twitter. what happens when the boys see this? find out.

please tell me how i do. :) thanks and if you leave a movella. than i will be sure to read it but just give me some time. :) hope you like.


1. chappie one. :)


"so you ready for the flash mob tomorrow?" macey asked. "yea. i just hope it goes well. i mean we have done these in stores in stuff but now were doing them in a mall. " i said. "is everthing ready? like the dancers and the music and whos recoring it?!" emily said. "haha em calm down. the dancer are ready and we will have a warm up flash mob. but thats going to be in a room so nobody is going to see. the music ready i asked one of my friends that works at starbucks to bring her ihome and ill text her when we're ready also i believe austin's recording" i said. "ok well its about closing time so im about to head home see ya tomrrow at 4? "yea me to. and no we made this so we have to be there at 3 make sure everything is ready" i said getting up, "ok well night babe." i hugged her and we went our ways. 


it was 2 and i have to pick up mace at 3. might as well start getting ready. i put on my red skinny jeans  with my white shirt which said 'im carefree' in red. and my red toms. and some make up only a little. it was 2:45 and  macey's house is just 10 minutes away so i decided to get on twitter. i was looking threw and it said that one direction is in georgia. i was shocked but im only a girl in pooler and its a small town. i dont think that they would come here. like iv heard that they have some friends that live here but i dont think so. i twitted @priyaboo27 'im ready for this baby! lets do this. i heard that one direction is coming here is that true?' @priyaboo27 was an account that me and macey made. and we have been using it alot thats where we post our video and random stuff that we do.  well its now 2:48 so i guess i should get going. 'this will be amazing' i thought. theres something about this flash i have a good feeling about it. i got my keys to my audi r8 that my parents bought me. and my iphone5 which i bought. beeforre leaving i texted macey 

to: mace<3  from: em:)

'hey babe. im leaving now so i will be at our in 10. see ya later :)'

to: em:) from: mace<3

'alrighty. i cant wait for this ethir lol. see ya. :)'

'im gusing she saw the tweet. haha' i thought to myself. 

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