Love Potion

Severus Snape had thought for sure his love life was long over when Lily Potter had married James, and was quite sure of it after she died. But love is in the air at Hogwarts, and a very unlikely love is starting to bloom...


2. Sparks in the Corridors

"Hermione Granger, detention. Tonight, my office, seven o'clock." Snape said softly. He knew she didn't deserve detenion, but he gave it to her anyway, unsure of quite why, yet unable to stop himself with reason.

Hermione's face paled slightly. Biting her tongue from wailing, but why? I did nothing wrong!, she swallowed hard and answered calmly, "Yes, sir." Unable to keep the confusion from her face, she turned and let the thick curls of hair cover it instead.

"Don't be late," was all he said to her for the rest of the period.

After Potions, Hermione had a free period. She sat alone in the Gryffindor common room and wrote in her diary.

Today I  got detention from Snape. I don't know WHAT I did to upset him, but he looked really mad. I've got to go right after Nighttime Star Search with that Centaur that Ginny thinks is hot. I wonder what I'll do with detention with Snape? I hope he doesn't have me cleaning those nasty jars of who-knows-what lining the classroom walls.

Not thinking of much else to say, she closed the leather journal and let it fall to her lap. Her quill was bent and torn from overuse in her diary. Thinking she'd just go get a fresh one, she stepped up from the plush sitting chair and left the diary on the table next to the fireplace.

She pushed the portrait-hole open and stepped out, careful not to wake the sleeping Fat Lady. As she walked down the halls of her beloved school she thought absently, her mind wandering to her family, her friend Harry, her upcoming detention. Suddenly, she was face-to-face with someone- BANG! Her vision jarred and she heard the sound of papers flying about. Hermione shook her head to rid the dizziness of the impact. She hastily looked to see who it was she had crashed into. "I'm so sor-" It was Snape. "Oh," she said. "Professor. Sorry."

"Watch where you're going, Miss Granger." He snarled, but the acerbity that was usually in his voice when addressing Hermione or her friends was absent.

Confused, Hermione picked up the papers he'd scattered all over the floor. When she handed the stack to him, her hand barely brushed his, and a sudden shock went through her body. Her hair stood on end, and she blinked, startled. Hermione looked up for a split second into Snape's face, then looked away, hoping she hadn't felt it too.

Snape looked freaked out. She gulped, then stepped aside to let him pass. He did, watching her the whole time. His robes trailed behind him like an ominous cloud, almost like a foreshadowing of something dark to come.

She bit her lip. Whatever that shock was, it had startled her half to death, and she couldn't remember where she was going. Her stomach filled with butterflies. 

Thankfully, the between-class gong rang out, and she ran off to find her books without a word.

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