Love Potion

Severus Snape had thought for sure his love life was long over when Lily Potter had married James, and was quite sure of it after she died. But love is in the air at Hogwarts, and a very unlikely love is starting to bloom...


4. A Pepto-Bismal Kiss

As Hermione cut and mixed and simmered, the potion went from thin and clear, to slimy and green, to bubbly purple, before settling at the muggle's medicine Pepto-Bismal color and consistency. She dipped her ladle into the cauldron and let it spill back into the mixture. It was runny and smooth, and the liquid falling from her spoon went smoothly back into the mix, showing no signs of having come out. She smiled to herself and put the cauldron on three-fifty degrees to simmer for 24 hours, like the final direction said. She pulled the ladle our and wiped it on a heavy-duty potions towel. She stood up. "Sir," she said. "I'm finished, aside from needing to simmer for 24 hours."

Snape looked up at her. "So you are," he murmured softly. "Pink, like it should be."

Hermione couldn't quite tell, but she thought she detected- was that, pride in his voice? "Thank you, Sir."

"Miss Granger, I have never had a student concoct even a mildly-successful looking Love Potion. Congratulations. Now, because you created it, you get to keep a vial. Use it wisely."

He looked at the bubbling cauldron. "May I take the rest? The Potions store in Hogsmead is very low on Love Potions- because of the calibur of potion, it is very hard to make and very rare, and they would be willing to pay a great deal for it. Do you mind if I sell it to them, if you get, say, sixty percent of the earnings? Even just sixty is about enough to buy a new cauldron from Bubbly Baxter's."

She nodded. "Oh yes, I could very much use a new cauldron, and Ron can take our shared one." She beamed at Snape, a mixture of pride and admiration and... was there something else in her smile? She was startled by the new emotion, the one she felt welling up inside her chest. She hadn't felt this way since Viktor Krum had first taken her hand to start dancing at the Yule Ball last year. She hadn't felt anything like it since, and now it was stronger than ever! She took a suprised step back, but didn't stop smiling.

As she looked up into Snape's face, she saw confusion there, too. Was he feeling... funny as well? Maybe it was the fumes from the Love Potion. No, because the directions said it had to be taken by mouth, fumes wouldn't make this feeling.

The feeling gave her an overwhelming boost of confidence. Before she could regain control of herself, she had taken a step forward, toward Snape.

He looked very scared, but he didn't stop her. She was five feet away now- she took another step- three feet- one foot- she leaned close to him, her face six inches from him. Snape became overwhelmed by a sudden rush of fear and stumbled back, falling into a chair behind him. Hermione, however, quickly closed the gap, and now they were face to face.

Hermione knew, right then, exactly what she wanted. She wanted to feel Snape's mouth on hers, wanted to kiss him, wanted to know he felt the same way about her that she felt about him. She hadn't ever been kissed before, not even by Krum.

But she didn't have to lean any closer- he closed the gap. The moment his lips met hers, a sudden jolt, like the one in the hallway, only more powerful, went through both of their bodies. He shuddered, and he started to pull back, but she didn't let him. Instead she let her lips part, trapping his there. He stopped pulling away. Her lips moved methodically against his, no tongues, no hands, just a sweet kiss, shared between unlikely lovers.

Suddenly Snape tensed up. He jerked back, as if he had just realized what he was doing. He gasped, and pointed to the office door. "Out," he rasped. "Get out!"

Hermione pulled herself back, surprised. Frightened. "Profe-"


She turned, and, with tears in her eyes, ran out the office door.

Snape fell, dejected, to the floor, and did something he hadn't done since he found Lily dead- he cried.

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