Save You Tonight - Niall Horan-

Felicity was never well loved at her school. In fact, she's hated by everyone. One tiny detail from her past has blown up in her face. Her best friend, who was the only one that looked past her horrible childhood, has left. He's gone. It's like he forgot she even existed. When her best friend comes back, along with some new friends he's made, will one of these 5 boys help her and save her from the depression she is so close to falling into?

Niall Horan Love Story.


1. My Safe Haven

**Just so you all know, the girl on the cover is what Felicity looks like.**


Felicity's POV


I walk home after another day of torment. Why can't those kids see that I only did it because I was forced!? I had no choice in the matter! I sigh as I continue walking, hearing the names in my head.


Killer. Murderer. Slut. Whore. Fat ass. Ugly.


Some are even worse.


Why don't you go and die? Go kill yourself just like you killed the harmless, innocent baby.


I just wish Zayn was here. Zayn. The only one who understood how I felt. The only one who understood that I didn't want to do it. The only one who doesn't car about my past. The only one who isn't here for me right now. I pull out my phone, like I have invariably done, every single day on my walks home, to see if anything came from Zayn. Nothing. As usual. I sigh again and continue my walk. Only three times in the past year, have I found a text or call from Zayn. I call an text him somethings, but I never get an answer. Only five times have I gotten an answer.


Sometimes I think that he doesn't care about me anymore. Sometimes I think that he has moved on from me. He has four new best friends that I don't stand a chance against. I've never met these people, nor do I think I want to. I may sound selfish, but they've stolen Zayn away from me. How can I be acquaintances with people who stole my safe haven away from me? I take my normal short cut through the park to get back to my home.


I live on my own. My parents sort of...disowned me after I started cutting. They found out the hard way, too. They found me laying on my bathroom floor, so close to death from accidentally cutting too deep. I sigh for about the millionth time as I make my way through the soft green grass that is too cheerful for my life.


I keep my head down so nobody will notice me. Suddenly, after a few moments, I hear chattering from a few boys. I pick up my pace. I've always been hesitant around guys. Ever since I was 13 I had been hesitant. I hear their pace pick up and I start to freak out.


"Felicity!" one of the voices shouts out. I stop dead in my tracks. I know that voice. It's a little bit deeper and a little bit older, but I know that voice. "Felicity?" the voice calls out again. I turn around slowly, hoping my ears weren't deceiving me. I lift my head up and make eye contact with the boy. "Felicity!" he shouts in pure joy. He runs up to me and opens his arms, attacking me in a hug. I do something I haven't done in almost 2 whole months. 


I smile. I hug the boy back so tightly I think I'm cutting off his oxygen supply, but I don't care. He doesn't either.


"Zayn," I breathe in disbelief. "You're back."


My safe haven is back.

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