Save You Tonight - Niall Horan-

Felicity was never well loved at her school. In fact, she's hated by everyone. One tiny detail from her past has blown up in her face. Her best friend, who was the only one that looked past her horrible childhood, has left. He's gone. It's like he forgot she even existed. When her best friend comes back, along with some new friends he's made, will one of these 5 boys help her and save her from the depression she is so close to falling into?

Niall Horan Love Story.


3. Happy

I wake up to strong arms wrapped around me. I start to freak out, but don't move; not wanting to wake the person next to me. Wait, I know these arms. I relax into Zayn's arms. That's when I hear my parents getting up.


"Get her up. She's going to have chores to do." I freak out again at my dad's voice. I turn around abruptly, waking Zayn in the process.


"Hmmpff," he mumbles sleepily.


"Zayn!" I whisper. "My parents are coming! Hide!" His eyes dart open and he jumps out of the bed. The door handle jiggles and Zayn slides stealthily under my bed. I sit up and rub my eyes, pretending to just wake up.


"Felicity. Get your lazy ass up. Your mom and I are headed to work. We expect all these chores done by the time we get home," my father says sternly. I nod my head.


"Yes Father," I say politely. If I don't give him a proper response showing him that he's boss, I'll be punished.


"I thought you lived alone," Zayn whispers. I sigh.


"My parents kind of...come and sleep here. I was planning on moving tomorrow, hence the boxes everywhere," I tell him, my words implicating the boxes that were in the living room. "I graduated two days ago. Yesterday I  went and got everything out of my locker. I'm moving to London. I'm attending Uni."


"'re moving to London?" he ask a spark in his eyes. I nod my head.  "Close to Uni?" he questions. I nod again. "THe Chester apartment building?" I nod again. "What floor?"


"15," I tell him.


"I'm on floor 16."




"Done!" Zayn exclaims after he's finished vacuuming the living room.


"That means the list is done! I don't think they are actually coming home, but if I'm leaving tomorrow, I want to leave it clean anyways. Thanks."


"Anytime. Hey you wanna come over to our hotel?" he asks. I nod.


"Sure. Just let me pack my last box," I tell him. I walk into my room and start packing the tops of my dressers. I save Emily's picture for last. I pick it up and look at it. Zayn comes behind me and wraps his arms around my waist.


"I would have loved her. I know you would have too," he tells me. I let a single tear slip down my cheek.


"Do you think I should tell them?" I ask him.


"It's up to you," he tells me. I lean into him.


"I've missed you."


"I missed you too. But hey, you're coming to London. If we get tickets on your flight we can help you move in."


"And we'll be in the same city."


"The very same city. The same building."


"Can't wait." And if he asked me if I was happy. I wouldn't put on a fake smile. I wouldn't lie and say I was.


I would put on a genuine smile and tell the truth.


I would say I was happy.

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