Save You Tonight - Niall Horan-

Felicity was never well loved at her school. In fact, she's hated by everyone. One tiny detail from her past has blown up in her face. Her best friend, who was the only one that looked past her horrible childhood, has left. He's gone. It's like he forgot she even existed. When her best friend comes back, along with some new friends he's made, will one of these 5 boys help her and save her from the depression she is so close to falling into?

Niall Horan Love Story.


2. Emily Marie

"Fels!" Zayn exclaims clutching me closer to his body. "Fels, I want you to meet some people.." he trails off. I pull away and look behind him to see four boys. "Fels, this is Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis." I nod a hello to the boys.


"Zayn, why are you here? Not that I'm not very happy that you're here but don't you have something to do?" I ask. He shakes his head smiling.


"Nope. Just got off tour, I have a week," he tells me. I smile.


"Cool!" I exclaim. "So, do you guys want to come back to my house?" He nods.






The boys sit around my room, luckily my parents aren't home..they'd probably blow up on me for having 5 boys in the house. They never really like Zayn either.


"So, Felicity, what's that picture right there?" Louis points to an ultrasound on my bedside table. I look at it. I had an ultrasound taken before my parents made me abort the baby. We didn't know I was pregnant until the bump started forming. It was a girl. I named her Emily Marie.


"That'" God why didn't I put that somewhere where they couldn't see it!? "'t want to talk about it," I tell them. Louis looks at me curiously but drops it. My baby has always been a depressing topic for me. All the while I've wished that I could have stood up to my parents and made them let me keep it. But, they'd probably just beat me and make me lose it anyway.


"Ok.." Louis trails off.


"Guys it's getting late we should  head back to the hotel," Liam says, breaking the awkward silence. I nod an show them to the door. Zayn looks at me.


"You want me to stay tonight?" he asks.


"No, that's ok," I say trying to hide my tears. "Go have fun with your friends," I say blinking back the tears that are forming.


"But you're my best friend. I'm staying."


"But my mom and dad-"


"Won't know that I'm here," he assures me. "Guys, I'm going to stay here tonight. I'll see you tomorrow!" he calls to the boys. They all nod and Zayn and I head back to my room.


I try and hide it, but I am eternally happy that Zayn is staying. Hopefully I'll come out of the depression that I've fallen into.

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