Golden girl

Again, my co-owner char wrote this..... all credit to her

Heya , Im Amber Sommers. Im 16 I live in Stratford. The one in Canada. Not much to say about me really. Well there is if you want me arrested. I have blonde hair but im a natural Brunette. Boys love Blondes. My friends are the reason I live. Me and my friend Amy got our belly button pierced last week. I call the belly bars slut bars. snazzy aye. My family.. Well it's just me and the Mom and Dad and maybe a bit of Chaz. Chaz is my brother he is a total dork. We used to be close but now not so much. Distance grew. He is on tour with Justin. Dont act so sicked when I say Justin Bieber. Never thought mych of him anyway. Gunna go now Stupid school. Jokes. Im not going..Amy has weed and where gunna get high!

that was intro


18. uhh okay...

Justin's P.O.V 

I looked down at my girl. Her eyes where shut and I could hear her breathing lightly. She looked Beautiful. No Amber is not perfect... sure she has anger issues and drug addictions but I can fix her. I don't want to make her into my perfect girl because what's the fun in Perfect. I love her but most of all I love us. Sneaking out late and having a relationship hidden from the world. Our little secret. The way she looks at me is a look I have never seen before. 
I warped the blanket around Amber and sat up as if we never did anything. The movie came to an end and Ryan had already gone to bed. It was just me and Chaz. 

Me: Chaz she's sleeping
Chaz: Ha! cute
Me: I know 
Chaz: Dood. dont try anything. 
Me: Naa 
Chaz: Just let her sleep there. Im of see you in the morning. 
Me: Night buddy 
Chaz: Night 

Chaz left and when he was out of sight I gave Amber a gentle kiss on the top of her head yet she didn't wake. I showered and got myself to bed. 

Amber's P.O.V 

That morning I woke on the couch. I must of fallen asleep during the film. Oopsie. I gave a stretch and got up. Ill admit it now I was hungry so I got myself some cereal. About the only food we have left and hopped in the shower. The smell of Justin's body wash smelt heavenly! I stepped out and became face to face with Justin. It was kind of awkwerd seeing as I had only my towel wrapped around me. I looked up at Justin and he was biting his upper lip. 

Me: Morning sexy 
Justin: Morning titch. 
Me: You can use the bathroom now. 
Justin: hehe thanks 

Nothing happened so I dashed passed and changed into my skinny jeans supra's and knitted belly top. I also changed my slut bar witch is what I call belly bars into a dangling one saying SWAG in rainbow letters. 
Incoming call on skype? 
It was Amy I quickly answered. 

Amy: Hey there beautiful 
Me: Heya 
Amy: It feels like we haven't spoke in forever.
Me: I know you need to visit 
Amy: That would be so fun 
Me: I can fly you out in 2 days 
Amy: would you really 
Me: Anything for my hoe! 
Justin: AMBER? are you in there with someone
Me: No nobody in here 
Justin: uh Okay? 
Me: Gotta go by ill mail the tickets

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