Golden girl

Again, my co-owner char wrote this..... all credit to her

Heya , Im Amber Sommers. Im 16 I live in Stratford. The one in Canada. Not much to say about me really. Well there is if you want me arrested. I have blonde hair but im a natural Brunette. Boys love Blondes. My friends are the reason I live. Me and my friend Amy got our belly button pierced last week. I call the belly bars slut bars. snazzy aye. My family.. Well it's just me and the Mom and Dad and maybe a bit of Chaz. Chaz is my brother he is a total dork. We used to be close but now not so much. Distance grew. He is on tour with Justin. Dont act so sicked when I say Justin Bieber. Never thought mych of him anyway. Gunna go now Stupid school. Jokes. Im not going..Amy has weed and where gunna get high!

that was intro


17. tonight was perfect

Chaz looked up from his laptop and eyed me up and down causing me to feel uncomfortable. But this was my game. I was dating Justin and he knew nothing. He is my puppet on strings. I dashed passed leaving Justin with ryan and Chaz. I quickly changed into my pj's mini shorts and a baggy top. comfy enough. I went to walk in to the main room when I quickly hesitated. If I listened closely I could hear the boys talking.

Ryan: Where did you two go 
Justin: Looking for a shop. 
Ryan: Yeah okay then... 
Justin: Have you seen the cubords we have no food
Chaz: Shit ! 
Justin: Just like your sister. watch your language 
Chaz: enough about Amber. 

I came in and immanently felt Justins eyes on me. I sat in-between Ryan and Justin. No way was I going near Chaz. I looked at Justin he had a sexy half smile. 

Me: So what we gunna do 
Ryan: Movies 
Me: Good choice. I love films. 
Justin: Orphan! my Favourite horror film! 
Me: Mine to put it on Ry 
Chaz: Your to young for that film Amber. Go to bed or something
Me: Oh just shut up... 

Chaz pissed me of all right. But I was the one playing him. Remember? 

Justin: Im cold back in a Titch getting a blanket. 

I knew Justins game. Titch aww how cute. I really love him. Justin came back in with a blanket. But it had his face on...? I was trying my best not to laugh. That made it worse. I let out a snort...very un-attractive! Justin's cheeks filled with air. It was hard for him not to laugh to. Justin came and sat near. I bundled my legs in to myself. Justin flicked the lights of and the film started. 20 Minutes into the film and I could feel Justin wrap me under the blanket with him. Moments later and I could feel Justin running his fingers up my leg making me shudder. I grabbed his hand to a stop and held it still. I gave him a gentle kiss on his neck and cuddled myself into him. Tonight had been perfect.


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