Golden girl

Again, my co-owner char wrote this..... all credit to her

Heya , Im Amber Sommers. Im 16 I live in Stratford. The one in Canada. Not much to say about me really. Well there is if you want me arrested. I have blonde hair but im a natural Brunette. Boys love Blondes. My friends are the reason I live. Me and my friend Amy got our belly button pierced last week. I call the belly bars slut bars. snazzy aye. My family.. Well it's just me and the Mom and Dad and maybe a bit of Chaz. Chaz is my brother he is a total dork. We used to be close but now not so much. Distance grew. He is on tour with Justin. Dont act so sicked when I say Justin Bieber. Never thought mych of him anyway. Gunna go now Stupid school. Jokes. Im not going..Amy has weed and where gunna get high!

that was intro


3. Tomorra was gunna hurt...

I sharp pinch later and that was it. The middle of my nose was pierced. The feeling wasn't to bad. It just left me with a tingling sensation. My phone buzzed once again. I knew it was My Mom but i wasn't going home yet. Amy had just made Vodka Ice lolly's! I ate mine and before I knew it I was off my head. I peered at the clock 12:15 pm . I called it a day and waddled home alone drunk. I twisted the key and burst through the door. A angry Mom seated on the sofa with my 2 suitcases full. 

Mom: I dont care where you have been this time amber. But that is it i have had enough. 
Me: WHAA? 
Mom: Your always up to no good. Im sending you to live with Chaz on tour! You clearly miss him so much! 
Me: But Nooo 
Mom: Now go to bed and sober up. Your leaving tomorrow. Don't come near me I can smell Weed on your cloths. Your a disgrace. 

I dragged myself to my bedroom. God knows how I fell asleep. But i wasn't a pretty site. I banged my head on the pillow and soaked it all up. Tomorrow was gunna hurt.

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