Golden girl

Again, my co-owner char wrote this..... all credit to her

Heya , Im Amber Sommers. Im 16 I live in Stratford. The one in Canada. Not much to say about me really. Well there is if you want me arrested. I have blonde hair but im a natural Brunette. Boys love Blondes. My friends are the reason I live. Me and my friend Amy got our belly button pierced last week. I call the belly bars slut bars. snazzy aye. My family.. Well it's just me and the Mom and Dad and maybe a bit of Chaz. Chaz is my brother he is a total dork. We used to be close but now not so much. Distance grew. He is on tour with Justin. Dont act so sicked when I say Justin Bieber. Never thought mych of him anyway. Gunna go now Stupid school. Jokes. Im not going..Amy has weed and where gunna get high!

that was intro


19. shes a good girl

I blew Amy a kiss goodbye on Skype and ended the call. I left my room and entered the main room with a cute hair flip hoping to catch Justin's eye however this didn't work. Typical Chaz and Ryan where up and they where playing Xbox hogging the room. 

Me: Justin do you have a rehearsal 
Justin: In 2 hours 
Chaz: and why would you care Amber
Me: I just wanted to see the Biebz in action 

Justin gave a sexy smile and gave me a distinctive wink. Gosh that was attractive. I decided to give him a tease and brought my mirror into the room and applied my make up in there. He gave me the odd look as I pouted my lips to apply lip gloss but he knew I was just teasing. 

Chaz: Any way im of to shoot some hoops, coming boys
Ryan: Sure 
Justin: Id rather stay here and beat Ryans high score 
Ryan: Good Luck. 

Chaz and Ryan collected there ball and headed out leaving me with Justin. The split moment the door slammed shut Justin's head turned to me. I quickly dashed ad sat near. 

Justin: Im glad they left 
Me: Rude 
Justin: Well would you rather they stayed. 
Me: Nope.
Justin: Wanna play X-box 
Me: Are you for real? 
Justin: Yup. 

Justin handed me the controller thingy yet I didn't understand how you hold it. Justin wrapped his hand in with mine causing me to hold the controller correctly. 

Justin: Thats better 
Me: Aww 
Justin: Why have you gone shy? 
Me: I didnt I just cant think about how I came to be dating the Justin Bieber. 
Justin: Naww babey come here 

Justin Pulled me on to his lap and tilted my head up with his middle finger and started giving me kisses. The moment was ruined by the door bursting open. I quickly leapt of Justin. But Thankfully it wasn't Chaz nor Ryan who entered. It was Scooter. Justin's manager.

Scooter: Getting a bit to comfortable in here. 
Justin: You cant tell any one 
Scooter: Your secrete is safe. But you guys shouldn't be doing this. 
Justin: But I love her. 
Scooter: Then who am I to judge 
Justin: Why are you here? 
Scooter: Well a certain celebrity has a concert in Miami tonight and needs practise so..
Justin: Okay. Can Amber come 
Scooter: Does she want to 
Me: Sure 
Scooter Marry her! 
Me: Ahha 
Scooter: She's a good girl Justin. 


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