Golden girl

Again, my co-owner char wrote this..... all credit to her

Heya , Im Amber Sommers. Im 16 I live in Stratford. The one in Canada. Not much to say about me really. Well there is if you want me arrested. I have blonde hair but im a natural Brunette. Boys love Blondes. My friends are the reason I live. Me and my friend Amy got our belly button pierced last week. I call the belly bars slut bars. snazzy aye. My family.. Well it's just me and the Mom and Dad and maybe a bit of Chaz. Chaz is my brother he is a total dork. We used to be close but now not so much. Distance grew. He is on tour with Justin. Dont act so sicked when I say Justin Bieber. Never thought mych of him anyway. Gunna go now Stupid school. Jokes. Im not going..Amy has weed and where gunna get high!

that was intro


14. its perfect

I slammed the laptop shut out of anger. I waited a moment and I could hear Justin leave. I clenched my fists. I HATE CHAZ. Me and Justin cant date now even if he wanted to. Imagine all the hate and Chaz would be so pissed of. Not to mention Ryan poking jokes. I changed again into my grey skinny jeans and white hoodie. I added my beanie seeing as I messed my hair and rolled out. Tears still rolling down my face but I couldn't care less. I caught sight of Pattie. 

Pattie: Hey sweetie are you okay 
Me: I suppose 
Pattie: Come to my bus we can talk if you like
Me: Thanks 

I walked with Pattie into her bus. To be honest if I did go off sight I would have no idea how to get back or even where to go. Pattie's bus was different from Justins. Very different infact. She had photo's of Justin and 2 other children. A young boy and a slightly older girl. The coutions where neatly place on the couch. I took a seat and Pattie sat next to me. I tried hard not to make eye contact. 

Pattie: So what's up. You can tell me anything
Me: Im fine 
Pattie: Im sure if you where fine you wouldn't be crying.
Me: had a argument with Chaz
Pattie: Aw family fights. Im sure you will forgive each other soon
Me: But it seems so much more.
Pattie: I know child. You know where I am if you need me 
Me: Thanks 
Pattie: your a good girl yanno Amber
Me: hmm... 

Pattie gave me a warming hug and with that I left. I decided to play safe and go back to my bus. Luckily Chaz was not there so I played Pretty Little Liars on repeat until Justin got back. 

Justin: hello
Me: Heya 
Justin: You calm
Me: Just until Chaz comes home
Justin: You will get through this
Me: He will be back soon
Justin: That is why where going for a walk
Me: A walk? 
Justin: Yeah common

I didn't question Justin I just got up and we left. We stepped out side but Justin beeped his car open.

Me: Im sure walks don't involve cars.
Justin: Your right. They don't but it's where we are going for the walk. 
Me: Oh I get you.

We got in the car no sound but the smooth engine. I saw the sea come into view. It was dark and the sun was coming down.

Justin: Doesn't it look beautiful 
Me: It's perfect 
Justin: you up for a little walk along the beach?

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