One Of A Kind? (1D fan fic)

Zoey is moving to London with her mom to get a new start after she witnesses her dad get murdered in their home. Her mom wants to give her a fresh start and bring her out of her depression. On the way there will she run into new people? Will it be One Direction? Will she know them? Will they fill the emptiness her dad left in her heart? Will there be love in the air? Will there be hate? Will there be both or mixed feelings going on? Read to find out!:D


4. Wuutt?!?! Run.

Zoey's POV

"I don't have a twitter or any of those other social networking websites." I said in a sophisticated tone. They gasp and Louis falls over. "Did he really just fake faint? Does this happen a lot? Do I need to slap the shit out of him to get him up?" I exaggerated dying to see his reaction. Everyone starts laughing. "Praise the lord! I'm ok guys!" He said while slowly getting up and putting his hand on his head pretending it hurts. I shake my head. "Ok, I know you guys are famous, now what?" I said after looking at all their followers and mentions. "Now, my fair lady, before we go onward we must make you a twitter account!" Screams Louis. "I'm good guys. I don't think I would use it anyway." I said trying to talk them out of it. "As rare as I say this, I agree with Louis. You will be twitterified by the end of the hour!"  Niall said determined and high fiving Louis. I rolled my eyes and said, "Mmk, as long as you do it." Hoping they would change their minds but they started typing. I sighed as they started asking me all of the information questions. "Where are you from? They don't have heaven so what would you like me to put love?" Harry asked, I'm guessing he's the flirt of the group. "They must no have a hole in the ground either, so what'd you put for yours?" I asked. "You go girl! Stick it to the man!" Yelled Louis. I let out a small laugh. "Guys look I-she can laugh!" Screamed Zayn just trying to piss me off by calling me an it on purpose. "Haha very funny Malik. Just finish the stupid account." I said giving Zayn the middle finger. Louis took the laptop and started typing away. A few minutes later he set the laptop to the side and said, "Let me see your phone." I didn't feel like questioning him so I handed it over. He told me my password and signed me in and handed my phone back to me. I looked at my name. Then I gave him the wtf?! look. @Zoe_Stypayhorlikson. He smirked. Liam looked over my shoulder at the name and chuckled. "That's all of our last names put together." Liam stated.

I sighed and saw I already had followers. I looked at my mentions and saw all the boys had tweeted me.

Harry: Go follow @Zoe_Stypayhorlikson and compliment her! She's rejecting all of my compliments! :O

Niall: Follow @Zoe_Stypayhorlikson she's awesomely awesome!:D

Liam: Get @Zoe_Stypayhorlikson more followers! I fell bad for almost coming through her window when she was naked! Don't ask questions just do it!

Zayn: @Zoe_Stypayhorlikson didn't know who we are! She thought we were stalking her! Follow her!

Louis: @Zoe_Stypayhorlikson Loves the name I gave her (your welcome Zoey) and wanted to smack me when I fainted! Punish her by giving her tons of followers! Starting now! GO!GO!GO!

I was already getting LOTS of followers! I went and looked in my bio and saw: Hiii. One Direction's bestest friend in the whole world! P.S. I totes <3 Louis xx

I sighed and replied.

Harry: @Harry_Styles No.

Niall: Awh shucks stop it! lol

Liam: Your giving a great impression of me. :P

Zayn: I still don't know who you guys are... and you did stalk me...

Louis: I didn't say thank you. That's not the only time I wanted to smack you either...

 After having a good laugh about the tweets Zayn said, "Ok, now that that's over with we need to start the education." I sighed and then they brought the laptop back.

After hours of reading articles and watching millions of videos on my bed I decided to check my mentions that have been blowing up. They hadn't noticed I wasn't paying attention until I asked, "Who's Eleanor? And why do they think I'm breaking her and Louis up? I ain't breaking no one up! Shit bout to be going down!" I was getting ready to type a reply when my phone was snatched out of my hand. "HEY!" I whined. "Eleanor's my girlfriend, and don't worry I'll tweet about it." Louis said seriously. "AND, you were supposed to be paying attention, so your not getting this back!" Said Niall taking my phone from Louis and waving my phone in my face. I groaned. Eventually after begging and promising not to go on it I got it back. We watched another few hours of videos and then it was around 7:30. "Guy's I'm hungry, can we order a pizza?" Niall begged. "Amen. Liiiaaaaaammm, will you be a doll and order a pizza? For meeee?" I mumbled half asleep. I heard someone get up and leave the room, I'm assuming it was Liam to order the pizza.


Then someone's phone started ringing. "Could someone fucking answer that?!" I yelled. "Aye aye captain." I heard a deep voice say. Harry. "Hello, Zoey's phone, Harry Styles speaking." He said. "Then I heard a muffled high pitch scream. Then a SMACK. And a CRACK. My head shot up, I didn't even turn to look at him. Then a gasp. "Harry. Edward. Fucking. Styles. I. Will. Give. You. Three. Fucking. Seconds. To. Fucking. Run. If. That. Was. What. I. Think. It. Was." I said getting really pissed. "Swearings not good." I heard Zayn mumble. My head shot towards him. "Do you wanna run too?!" I asked. He shook his head vigorously. I calmly stood up and walked over to Harry and saw it on the ground. I picked it up and my heart shattered when I saw it. Haha. Just kidding but I was pissed. I set it on the table carefully and glared at Harry. "Zoey, I-I can buy you a new one or get it fixed! I promise! We can go tomorrow!" He said while backing out the door. "One." I started. "Zoey, I said I would-" "Two." He ran. "Three!" I screamed as I ran down the stairs after him.


 Another update for you guys!! Hope your enjoying it! Comment, like, favorite, and tell your friends! Thanx! -Brianna<3

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