One Of A Kind? (1D fan fic)

Zoey is moving to London with her mom to get a new start after she witnesses her dad get murdered in their home. Her mom wants to give her a fresh start and bring her out of her depression. On the way there will she run into new people? Will it be One Direction? Will she know them? Will they fill the emptiness her dad left in her heart? Will there be love in the air? Will there be hate? Will there be both or mixed feelings going on? Read to find out!:D


2. Who In The Hell Are You?!?!

Zoey's POV

After texting basically my only friend Marissa I pulled out my guitar. Music is the only thing I have left of him. This is how we connected. He taught me how to play all the instruments I can play today. Guitar and piano are the main instruments I've kept going the strongest with. But I dabble with others as well. We would go to the park and play together and write songs. No one ever went to the park. It was like our special place. Marissa helped me through it more than anyone, even my mom. I'm still not over it though. I block just about everyone out and according to my mom I'm always depressed and that's why were moving, to start over. I started strumming and playing a few chords before my mom interrupted me by saying, "I think that's the moving truck were supposed to follow!" "Mom, the chances of that are very slim I think we should find it on our own. I bet you that is not it." I added when she looked pretty confident. She started following it. "Are you seriously going to follow it?! I bet its some physco killer or rapist or something! We could find it on our own." I said. "Zoey were supposed to be starting over. You don't have to rain on everyones parade. Could you lighten up for once in awhile?" She said in a stern tone. Well that hurt. "I didn't know that's how you felt. I'm sorry. I'll just shut the hell up and keep my opinions to myself for once." I said rather shocked at her outburst. "Zoey, I'm sorry I didn't mean it Im just stressed with-" She started. "Don't. I get it I need to stop." I said. She sighed. "Oh look, they pulled over." She stated. "Oh that's such good news. Better lock the doors here come the rap- Sorry forgot I was gonna stop." I said as we pulled over as well. "Oh look were stopping and letting them in now." I mumbled to myself.

"Zoey, be polite their coming to the window." I sighed, I didn't like it when she tells me what to do. I started strumming my guitar again. "Umm, hello are you by any chance Carl the mover?" My mom asked trying to be casual. It doesn't look good on her. "Umm, no my name is Paul Higgins. I-" He started. "Oh! I'm sorry I thought you were the mover I was supposed to be following to get to my new house!" She said. I stopped strumming my guitar and said "Ha. Told you. They probably think we were stalki- AHHHH!" I screamed and knocked boxes everywhere with my flailing arms as I looked up and saw five boys faces smashed against the windows around me. "Uh, mom, just an everyday question here but, WHY IN THE HELL ARE THERE FIVE TEENAGE BOYS' FACES SMASHED AGAINST THE WINDOWS?!" I screamed. And Paul sighed. "I'm sorry them are mine. Sort of. And their supposed to be waiting in the truck." He said glaring back at them, saying the last part loud enough for them to hear. They no longer had their noses pushed up against the window, cross-eyed with their cheeks puffed up, they laughing their asses off, probably at my oh so calm reaction. Hey its not everyday you are pulled over on the side of the road with five attractive teenage boys outside your window. I looked down at my beloved Stacy (My dad named my guitar. They didn't know whether to name me Zoey or Stacy and he liked both) and groaned as I noticed one of her strings had snapped. I glared up at the boys who were again looking in the window with curiosity. "So do you happen to know where this is." I heard my mom ask and she handed him the address. Wonderful now the stalker-rapist knows our address. I climbed over the middle seats bringing my guitar with me and opened the door and stepped out. They all scrambled over to me to see what I was gonna do. The first thing said was, "You play guitar?" From a blond one with an Irish accent. "Not at the moment. Why you ask. Well maybe its because there were five teenagers outside my window and decided to scare the shit out of some random girl and cause her to flip the fuck out and in the process snapping one of Stacy's strings!" I said with a touch of my annoyed tone. "I'll fix that!" Said the blond one as he took out a pack of strings out of his pocket and handed it to me. "Thanks? You just normally carry these things around in your pockets or is it one of those spur of the moment type things?" I asked with more sass. "You never know when you'll need em." He replied.

 "Well, she's definitely got your sass Lou." I saw a curly one nudge the one in stripes. I raised an eyebrow and said. "You say something Curly?" "No ma'am." He said as he saluted me. "That's what I thought." I replied. "So your guitars name is Stacy you said?" Said the one with a birth mark on his neck. I saddened a bit at the topic but just said, "Yupp, speaking of names, you got em?" I questioned. "You don't know who we are?" Said the one with black hair. I shook my head. "Should I?" I asked. "Were-" Curly started. A hand was slapped over his mouth. "I'm Zayn." Said the one with black hair. "I'm Liam." Said the one with the birthmark. "I'm Niall." Said the blond Irish leprechaun. The hand was slowly removed. "They call me Harry but you can call me tonight." Said curly as he winked at me. "And you can get over yourself." I said in response to his cheesy pick-up line. "And I'm Jennifer." Said stripes. "And I'm definitely not buying that shit." I said. They started laughing. "I'm Louis." He said this time more sure of his own name. I raised an eyebrow and said, "You sure this time?" He just nodded while laughing. "Well in that case I'm Zoey. And why should I have know you guys?" I asked. "We'll get into that later when we call you." Said Cur-Harry. "Was that some cheesy way to ask for my number?" I asked getting kind of annoyed. "No. I wasn't asking for it." He said. "Smartass." I mumbled as I felt my phone being pulled out of my back pocket. I slapped my hand over my butt but it was already too late Louis was already running off with it. "HAHA! YOU MADE HER SLAP HER BUTT LOU!" Yelled Niall while he was laughing hard. He's got one of those laughs you can't help laugh with. Even the corners of my mouth tilted up slightly, but not long enough to keep my hard-ass face on.


 They had all gathered in a circle around my phone. I groaned. I couldn't get in there. I was too short to see over their shoulders either so I was jumping to try and see. No success. Once they were finished Harry held it up so I had to jump to try and get it. Again no success. "Give it to me you ass!" I yelled. The boys were laughing and basically rolling in the road. "Harry quit tormenting the poor girl, we have to get going and I'm assuming they do to." Paul yelled. Harry gave me my phone. And I frowned as I saw the contacts. "How in the hell am I supposed to know who the hell is who?!" I yelled as they were walking away. I read Daddy Direction, Sexiest Man Alive, BooBear, Bradford Bad Boi, and NandosLover. What the hell?! "You'll have to text us to find out!" Louis yelled as they entered their truck. I groaned as I got back in my own truck and fixed my guitar. "So did you get directions?" I asked my mom after we were driving in silence for awhile. "No I'm driving around hoping to see a sign." She said her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Who's got the smart ass comments now?" I mumbled to myself. She didn't say anything, thank god! "So how much longer?" I asked anxious to get unpacked. "Not long." Well she wasn't in the mood for talking. "Ok listen, I don't know what the hell happened while I was outside but don't take your shit out on me, I've got enough of my own, thanks." I know most people wouldn't talk to their mom like that but we've got a love- hate relationship and this is a everyday conversation basically. She sighed and said, "Sorry, so those boys were cute right?" "Sure." I said. We didn't talk much more and we eventually arrived at our new house. There was no moving truck and all of our bags and boxes were in the main room. After we took the rest of the stuff in the house we decided we would unpack tomorrow and go to bed. I brought my bags up to my room and put my guitar under my bed for safe keeping. Then I changed and went up to the room i had picked and lied on the bed already dreading the upcoming night.

Heyy! Tell me what you guys think so far! Comment! Like! Favorite! And tell your friends! This was one long ass chapter and I stayed up till 12:15 writing it! lol well I hope you guys enjoyed it!


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