One Of A Kind? (1D fan fic)

Zoey is moving to London with her mom to get a new start after she witnesses her dad get murdered in their home. Her mom wants to give her a fresh start and bring her out of her depression. On the way there will she run into new people? Will it be One Direction? Will she know them? Will they fill the emptiness her dad left in her heart? Will there be love in the air? Will there be hate? Will there be both or mixed feelings going on? Read to find out!:D


1. The Car Drive and The Memory.

Zoey's POV

"ZOEY! GET DOWN HERE!" I heard my oh so lovely and caring of a mother call to me from downstairs. "I'm coming, don't get your grandma knickers in a twist!" I shouted as I kicked my two suitcases down the stairs and continued to dry my long blond hair. After I was finished I threw it up in a high ponytail and threw the dryer in my duffel bag along with my recently charged electronic devices. I grabbed my guitar and duffel bag and headed downstairs. My mom was already outside pacing like a mad man. I looked around for the last time and said my goodbyes. I walked out the front door to get the everyday lecture from my mom, "I told you this would happen! Were late again! Come on Zoey, get in the truck!" I rolled my eyes and climbed in through the back. There were two front seats, three middle seat and a huge open space in the back. I moved a few of the bags and boxes to the middle so I could sit in the back. "Now we'll never find the moving truck, and we'll never find our house." She complained. The corners of my mouth tilted up and I had to hold back a laugh, shes so over dramatic and its funny seeing her be so stressed over nothing. I decided to get some more sleep and take a nap instead of listening to her rant on. So I shut my eyes and let the darkness take over.

"Zoey, honey, you need to listen to me ok? Are you listening?" My dad asked holding my shoulders and coming down to my level. He was very tall. I nodded in response to him as the warm tears trickled down my cheeks as they continued to pound on the door. "You need to go with your mother, don't make any noise, and whatever you hear do NOT come out. ok?" He said very seriously. "But dad why can't you come?" I said my voice shaking. "They'll find you and I don't want you to get hurt, I want you and your mother to be safe. ok? Just remember I love the both of you and I'll never leave. I'll always be with you here." He said tears pouring down his face as he took my hand and put it over my heart. He embraced the both of us in one of his bear hugs that I wish to have again. "I love you too dad." I said as my mom said it too. I looked over and she was also crying. "Now go. And don't forget anything I just told you." He said before kissing both of us and pushing us away. My mom had grabbed the phone and called the police before hand but they hadn't showed up. Why hadn't they showed up yet? My mom was ushering me up the stairs with her. I turned around to see my dad holding a gun and looking at us with tears going down his face. He mouthed 'I love you' and I mouthed it back. We reached the top of the stairs and I could no longer see him. My mom pulled me into the closet with her and locked the door. We were both crying heavily but I can't cry quietly. She was shushing me while rocking me. I heard the door break down. There was yelling and screaming. Then the gunshots. Guns were fired. So many guns. My breath hitched in my throat. He made it. I know he made it. Then there were police sirens. Shuffling feet. More yelling. Then we heard police. We heard them say it was clear and there were bodies. I can't stand it anymore! I unlatched from my moms grasps and ran down the stairs. The police let me through. Then I saw him. My dad. On the ground in a pool of blood. This is why my mom didn't want me to come down. It was as if my legs wouldn't work anymore. I collapsed to the ground and screamed. I cried and screamed. My mom came down and collapsed as well. She held me while we cried. I kept screaming and yelling at him to come back. But he didn't move. This couldn't be happening. He can't die. He was my everything. He said he would keep us safe but who would keep him safe? I guess that's just it. No ones ever safe. I screamed some more and kept screaming.

"ZOEY!" My eyes flew open and I immediately sat up and was breathing heavily. My face was soaked and had tear streaks and my throat was dry and hurting. This is why I don't sleep. Now you know how my every moment of closed eye is. He could have came with us. He should have came with us. I should have made him come with us. I could've saved him. I thought all of these things as my head spun and tears leaked out like every day. "Zoey, it'll be ok. I miss him too, but its not your fault. Here." I looked at my mom and her eyes were softer and it looked like she was crying too. Probably from my screaming bringing the memories back. My eyes traveled down to see her holding tissues, a water bottle, some asprin, and trail mix. The world was spinning. I took all of the stuff as I do every morning. I wiped my eyes and took the asprin. This is going to be one hell of a drive.

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