One Of A Kind? (1D fan fic)

Zoey is moving to London with her mom to get a new start after she witnesses her dad get murdered in their home. Her mom wants to give her a fresh start and bring her out of her depression. On the way there will she run into new people? Will it be One Direction? Will she know them? Will they fill the emptiness her dad left in her heart? Will there be love in the air? Will there be hate? Will there be both or mixed feelings going on? Read to find out!:D


3. SURPRISE! I Hate Surprises:/

Zoey's POV

I wake up to myself screaming once again covered in sweat. I run my hand through my hair and swing my legs over the side of the bed. I grab my phone off the side counter and check the time. 4:55 am. Great. I sighed figuring I wasn't getting any sleep. I grabbed one of my suitcases of clothes and a few towels, shampoo, conditioner, and soap. I plugged my my iPhone in my iHome and put on my current favorite artist, Rita Ora. I started the water and washed my hair, my body and got out in no time. I wrapped myself in my towel and walked into my room to get dressed. I was just about to drop my towel when I hear, "ZOEY STOP!" I clutched my towel tighter, got ready to scream at the pervert that was in my room while I was showering. I looked towards the voice to see a Liam covering his eyes in the window. How in the hell did they find out where I lived? Then I hear, "Man, what is she doing?" It sounded like Harry. I know at this point most people would be cowering in the corner but I was furious. Did they stalk me? I knew they were stalkers! I'm up stairs- how in the hell...? "She just got out of the shower, she was getting dressed." Liam responded as I walked over and closed the curtains furiously. I was biting my tongue so I wouldn't explode on them.

"Dude, move let me see." I heard Harry say again and I'm pretty sure he received some smacks as well. "No. And the curtains are closed now anyway." Liam responded. I went in the bathroom just in case and changed into my black skinny jeans and red button up shirt with half sleeves. Then I blow dried my hair straight and put on some make up then went back to the window and listened. "Did you see anything you lucky bastard?!" I heard Louis I think say. I ripped open the curtains and before Liam could answer I said, "No he didn't see anything and none of you perverts will." I opened the window to let a cold burst of air in. I mean it was the middle of winter and all. Now Louis was at the top of the LADDER. Ok then..?  "Umm, no offense but why are you guys here? And how did you find my house?!" I said. "Well my dear, Zoey, we are here to inform you of who we are. And we stalked you here obviously." Louis said as he and the rest of the gang welcomed themselves into my room. My mouth hung open. "Relax love, Paul remembered it and we got worried cuz you didn't text us." Said Liam as he glared at Louis. "Welcome yourselves into my room why don't you?" I mumbled to myself. "Thanks love, but we already were." Louis said again like a smartass and patted my shoulder.

"So do you have a laptop so we can start the 'lessons'?" Asked Niall. "What if your some rapists trying to get my information on my laptop or something? I don't think I wanna give it to you. And why can't you just tell me who you supposedly are?" I said stubbornly crossing my arms. "First of all what other information would we need to rape you? We know where you live. Haha! Just kidding that's weird! And were a world famous boy band called One Direction, SURPRISE!" Said Zayn casually. I raised an eyebrow and pointed to my bag. "First of all I hate surprises and I'm not calling bullshit quite yet, BUT I need proof. Someone get it and bring it downstairs. I want me some food." I said as I headed towards the door. "I like this girl." I heard Niall say. I went into the kitchen to find my mom making pancakes. "Morning." I said as I grabbed a plate and flopped a pancake on it and sat down at the counter. Then all the boys except Liam came and sat at the counter too. "Um, Zoey why did you have 4 teenage boys in your room?" My mom questioned me. "I didn't I had 5- oh look here he comes now, sorry he couldn't find his shirt... Seriously mom what'd you think was happening?" I said like it was obvious and rolled my eyes as Liam sat down and opened the laptop. "I didn't know, that's why I asked, your a teenager and you had boys in your room and when that happens it most likely means-" "STOP!" I interrupted her while choking on my pancake. She held up her hands in surrender as the boys snickered. "Would you boys like some pancakes?" She asked sweetly. Gross. I hate when people are fake. There were a chorus of please and thank you's.

After we were done eating ,y mom left to look for a job and we sat in the living room with the laptop. "First of all we can show you our twitter profiles. And by the way whats your twitter name?" Asked Harry as he logged in to his twitter. Holy shit! They all had over 8 million followers. "I don't have a twitter or any of those other social networking websites." I said in a sophisticated tone.

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