One Of A Kind? (1D fan fic)

Zoey is moving to London with her mom to get a new start after she witnesses her dad get murdered in their home. Her mom wants to give her a fresh start and bring her out of her depression. On the way there will she run into new people? Will it be One Direction? Will she know them? Will they fill the emptiness her dad left in her heart? Will there be love in the air? Will there be hate? Will there be both or mixed feelings going on? Read to find out!:D


5. I'm Just The Pizza Guy.

Zoey's POV

If you haven't realized it doesn't take much to get me to snap. I was chasing Harry around the furniture while he was yelling for help. He was on one side of the couch while I was on the other. I started to climb over the couch to pounce when I felt hands on my waist that hauled me over their shoulder. "Now, now we don't need violence." Said Liam as I started protesting and flailing around. I looked over at Harry who was in Lou's arms while he was 'crying' and Louis was hugging him while rubbing his back. "Liam! Let me at em!" I complained. "You want some cheese with that whine? And no." He responded. I groaned and finally gave up and went limp. Then the doorbell rang and Liam went and got his money and walked to the door. He swung it open and there stood the pizza guy. I was looking at the pizza guy upside down on someones back while two grown men were crying and soothing each other. What a sight, that poor pizza guys brain is probably on overload. I looked up at the guy and took his features in. Whoa. He was good looking. "I-I can explain-" I started. "I'm not your mom, just the pizza guy, no need to explain." He cut me off. I realized I was still on Liam's back so I pinched his leg. He squealed and looked down at me. "Let me down." I whisper yelled. I flicked my eyes to pizza guy and back to Liam. Understanding flickered through his eyes. "Ohh. Umm- this is Zoey and I'm Liam." He said as he turned me up right. "Hi." I said whilst straightening my clothes. "Hi. I'm Erik." He responded. He handed Liam the pizza while taking the money. "Hi I'm Harry." I suddenly heard from next to me. Then suddenly I felt an arm sling over me. "What do you think your doing?" I whispered to him as I removed his arm from around me. "Introducing myself to this lovely lad. I'm Harry." He said as he firmly gripped his hand and shook it. "Ok well umm, it was nice meeting you Erik, maybe I'll see you around after I find my way around here. Haha." I said to him trying to make the awkwardness Harry had brought on go away.


 "Yeah you too, maybe I could show you around some time." He said while giving me a pearly white smile. I was just about to say that would be great when Harry had to open his big ass mouth with, "Actually, we were gonna do that. Sorry." I rolled my eyes. "I'll walk you to your car." I said. He nodded and walked out the door. I turned around at Harry and glared at him while walking. Erik got to his car and stood leaning against the door frame. "Listen I'm really sorry about him he can be an ass." I apologized. "It's fine, I understand. Guys will be guys." He responded. "Whats that supposed to mean?" I asked. "Well I better get going, see you around." He said as he got in his car and drove away. "See you around.." I muttered. I slowly walked back into the house. They were all in the living room eating pizza. I slammed the door and walked right up to Harry and said, "Your real classy you know that?! Why do you have to be such an ass?!" He looked shocked. "All I did was tell him we were showing you around so he didn't have to." He oozed. I gave a bitter laugh. "All you said? Ha. You might as well have told him to fuck off. Do y'all not agree with me that that was extremely rude?" I asked the other guys. "That may have been a little harsh Haz-" Lou started. "Oh no no no we are not getting into this." said Zayn while the others nodded in agreement. Harry groaned.  "Well I'm not hungry anymore, I'm going to bed. I'll see you guys whenever, leave whenever, my mom doesn't care." I said knowing they would make themselves at home anyway. I liked that about them though, they were like normal guys. I sat on my bed and looked at my phone. 17 missed phone calls from Marissa. Ugh. She probably wants an explanation. I don't wanna fall asleep with them here either... RING. "HELLO?!" I heard her shout. "Hey Issa." I said putting on my usual fake smile. "Don't you hey Issa me give me the detes!" She yelled. I sighed. And started explaining. About an hour of explanations and saying she was visiting soon we said our goodbyes. Then I heard the door shut, either they left or my mom was home. I don't hear any talking... Time to get some shut eye. I let my eyes slowly droop shut.

How do you like this new chapter? I wasn't doing anything and decided to update for y'all especially tatertot13 lol. What do you think about Erik? Well hopefully there will be a new chapter soon. Leave your comments below, like, favorite, and tell your friends! Thanks for reading! -Brianna  <3

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