Just Give Me A Reason

"Should I or shouldn't I?" Just one of the many questions Rachel has on her mind. New school means new friends, new teachers and as always new enemies. One just so happens to be Louis Tomlinson. He's the most attractive, smart and according to all of his friends "gets all the girls" guy you would ever meet. But she takes an instant dislike to him. Nothing seems right about him but yet there's a nice side to him that hardly ever comes out. Will she bring out that side to him? Read on...


12. Working Together..

He nods and I roll my eyes, sitting down next to him on the couch. I heard a loud thud as if someone had just decided to "fall" into bed and I knew that it was Harry. I felt sorry for the poor guy, having to share a room with this weirdo.. He must be used to it by now though.


"Hold on I'll go get my laptop so we can research. Be right back ok?" Louis says, leaping up from the couch to go get his laptop. I took this opportunity to text Liz, I knew se was up because when I left, she wasn't in her bed. 


"I'm at Louis's dorm working on the project. Hopefully wont be too long. xx" I quickly type out on my phone, placing it back in my pocket once I had finished.


"I'm back. Hope you didn't miss me too much." Louis says, his laptop in his hands. I sigh and roll my eyes, sitting back in the surprisingly comfy couch as he sets the laptop on the table. For the next few hours, we would each take turns in writing down notes we found off websites, some helpful and some not-so-helpful. We finally had enough notes to start the project after hours of work! I know I say that I hate Louis but once you get to know him, he's actually really nice.. Oh my god. What am I saying? 


*Hey der! I forgot to update this (I'm sorry) but I have a reason. I'm writing a few other Movellas too.. 


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