Just Give Me A Reason

"Should I or shouldn't I?" Just one of the many questions Rachel has on her mind. New school means new friends, new teachers and as always new enemies. One just so happens to be Louis Tomlinson. He's the most attractive, smart and according to all of his friends "gets all the girls" guy you would ever meet. But she takes an instant dislike to him. Nothing seems right about him but yet there's a nice side to him that hardly ever comes out. Will she bring out that side to him? Read on...


7. What Do I Owe You?

I walked into my next class and completely ignored the teacher greeting me and Lizzie. I saw Louis with his head down, actually concentrating on his work. I sat down in my seat and pulled out my jotter, copying what was on the board. I accidentally hit Louis and he gives me a death stare.


"Watch it. Oh wait, you can't. Don't forget you still owe me." He growls, turning back to his jotter. Wow ok, I said sorry this morning , obviously you hold grudges.


"What do I owe you then?" I whisper. He turns to me and smirks. I have a bad feeling about this... I shouldn't have asked should I? 


"You'll find out tomorrow when you come over to mine and Harry's room." He whispers back. I forgot about that. I sigh and continue writing.


Eventually class ended and I couldn't have been happier. I'd spent the last ten minutes staring aimlessly out the window, watching as the thick cloud of fog settled outside. I pick my bag up and catch up with Lizzie who was waiting outside the class for me.


"Are you sure you're ok? You look out of it. Maybe go back to our room and take a rest. I'll tell the teachers, don't worry." Lizzie says. I nod and walk down the stairs which seem completely deserted. I heard footsteps behind me but I ignored them, probably just someone heading to their next class.


"Rach, where do you think you're going?" I hear a voice close to my ear, making me jump and nearly fall down the stairs. I turn around and see Louis smirking.


"I'm heading back to my room, stalker." I say snarkily. He pretends to look hurt and starts following me as I walk down the stairs. 


"Leave me alone!" I practically yell. He growls at me so I start running. Wow being stalked on my first week here, definitely wasn't on my list that's for sure.


"Hmm, no." He says grabbing my hand, stopping me from walking. "What do you want?" I say, turning around to make eye contact with him. 


"Something I'm pretty sure every girl in this school wants from me." He says. Wait what? Every girl... Oh. I get it...

He leans forward and crashes his lips on mine. I start to struggle but he puts both his hands on my arms to stop them moving. 


"What? Don't you like me?" He says, taking his lips off mine. 


"Haven't I made that clear enough?" I say. He laughs and tries to kiss me again but I kick him somewhere you wouldn't want to be kicked and walk off.




Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been writing, I've been busy. SORRY! 

This might sound strange but what's a good ship name for Rach and Danny? #Rouis is Rachel and Louis's ship name but I can't think of one for them... If you could help, that would be great!


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Rachel xx

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