Just Give Me A Reason

"Should I or shouldn't I?" Just one of the many questions Rachel has on her mind. New school means new friends, new teachers and as always new enemies. One just so happens to be Louis Tomlinson. He's the most attractive, smart and according to all of his friends "gets all the girls" guy you would ever meet. But she takes an instant dislike to him. Nothing seems right about him but yet there's a nice side to him that hardly ever comes out. Will she bring out that side to him? Read on...


8. The Reaction

     That little shit! He had no right! Or did he? No Rachel! He didn't! He deserves a slap in the face... with a baseball bat! That's a little harsh isn't it? Not really! God stop arguing with yourself Rachel!

     Sighing I unlocked the dorm room door and then closed  it behind me. sighing I slid down the wall and hugged my knees. What was I going to do? It wasn't my first kiss so why were there butterflies doing gymnastics in my stomach? I took a deep breath, held it for a moment, then released it. I felt some of the tension leave my shoulders and I closed my eyes. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and didn't know why.

     "Calm down Rach. It was just a kiss. Nothing more." or was it? I didn't even believe my own words. I crawled to the side of my bed and pulled down the comforter, wrapping it around my body. I leaned back against the base of the bed and heard a sound like a cross between a laugh and a sob escape my lips. Why did this happen to me? Why did I have to come to this school in the first place? Who is Louis Tomlinson really? And what does he want with me? These and more thoughts swam through my mind as my eyelids fluttered closed.


My eyes snapped open at a knock on the door. It wasn't Liz coz she had a key. I felt my heart flutter in my chest as I shrugged the blanket of and rose shakily to my feet. I reached out and felt the cold metal of the door knob underneath my fingers as the door swung wide to reveal a boy with curly hair.

     "Hi." he said.

    "Um, Hi," I replied inquisitively. "Can I help you?"

     "Oh um Louis sent me to give you this." He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a slip of white paper and handed it to me before turning and walking down the hall.

     "Okaaay then." I say closing the door. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket of my grey jeans and sent a quick text to Liz : Where r u? Some kid just gave me a note from Louis. Help!

     I quickly got a reply back: I'm on my way back to the room. I got detention for talking in Science :(

     I pulled the comforter off the floor and started to make my bed. By the time I was rearranging the pillows Liz burst through the door with a grin on her face.

     "So how was detention?" I cocked an eyebrow at her as I sat on the edge of the bed.

    "Not as bad as you would think. The teacher actually left us alone in the classroom. Some of the kids started telling jokes and they were actually really funny."

     "Who else was there?" I asked her.

     "Oh just Jenna, Leigh-Anne, Jessie, Louis, Riley, and some weird kid named Selena who mainly just sat picking her nose."

     My breath caught it my throat. "What did Louis do?"

     "Oh he was late to third period." She told me. "So what did you need to tell me?" She dropped her bag and flopped backwards onto her bed. She propped herself up on an elbow. SO I told her everything.

     "Well what does the letter say?"

     "I don't know I'm rather scared to find out." I pulled the crisp, white paper from the pocket of my jeans and handed it to her.

     She slowly unfolded it and I watched her eyes widen as she read it. Her head shot up and she looked at me her  mouth forming an o.


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