Just Give Me A Reason

"Should I or shouldn't I?" Just one of the many questions Rachel has on her mind. New school means new friends, new teachers and as always new enemies. One just so happens to be Louis Tomlinson. He's the most attractive, smart and according to all of his friends "gets all the girls" guy you would ever meet. But she takes an instant dislike to him. Nothing seems right about him but yet there's a nice side to him that hardly ever comes out. Will she bring out that side to him? Read on...


9. The Note

"Well, what does it say?" I ask, walking up to Liz. That is just one of the questions I didn't want an answer to though. I was worried as soon as I saw Lizzie's facial expression change dramatically.


"It says : Cant wait for you to come over tomorrow. I've sent Harry to give you this note as I didn't want to annoy you anymore than I already have." Lizzie reads out, her head down as she reads the note. I can just imagine the devilish grin on Louis's face as he wrote this out. I had forgotten about tomorrow but I certainly hadn't forgotten Louis. 


"Oh..." I say. It certainly wasn't what I expected to be on the note but its better than I thought. Lizzie places the note on the table next to my bed and smiles at me.


"Hey, I'll be down at the cafeteria. Want me to bring you up anything?" She asks, her hand on the door knob, waiting for my answer. I shook my head and she walked out, the door clicking shut behind her. It's almost dinner but i don't feel hungry... Maybe I'll wait until later.


I lay back on my bed and ponder the thoughts that were racing through my head. Maybe I should start coming up with ideas for the project or we won't get anywhere with it. I sit upright and look through the drawer for an extra piece of paper and a pen. I had a lot of stuff in here, mainly stuff I didn't need sitting out and taking up space.


"Eventually." I sigh, pulling out a pen and paper from the very bottom of the drawer. I walk over to the desk we used to study and go on our laptops and switched on a lamp. I hadn't realised how dark it was in the room until the lamp turned on, lighting up the room. I sat down and placed the paper in front of me, clicking the pen repeatedly as I tried to think of something to write down. 

It seemed like ages had went by before I decided to give up on it for the moment and head down for dinner. I walked out of my room to find the hallways deserted. Probably at dinner... 





"Rach, finally!" Lizzie says, walking up to me. I laughed slightly and she came up with me to get my dinner. She led me back to 

her table and I saw other girls sitting with her.


"Rach, these were the girls that were in detention with me today. Leigh-Anne and Jessie." Lizzie says, pointing to each of the girls as she said their names. They both smiled at me and I smiled back. Lizzie seemed so proud when she said she met them in detention, it was almost funny.


"Where's Louis?" I whisper to Lizzie, not wanting the other girls to think I was a crazy stalker. "Don't worry about that, just eat." She whispers back. I sigh and start eating, occasionally raising my head to look around for him. That little douche can come out at any time, like earlier on...



Hey there guys! It's Rachel! (well nooo..) New reader? Click dat like, favourite and/or comment button and budder 💛💛💛 I have a coupla tests coming up so don't be ticked off if both me and Four can't update! Thanks guysss!

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