Just Give Me A Reason

"Should I or shouldn't I?" Just one of the many questions Rachel has on her mind. New school means new friends, new teachers and as always new enemies. One just so happens to be Louis Tomlinson. He's the most attractive, smart and according to all of his friends "gets all the girls" guy you would ever meet. But she takes an instant dislike to him. Nothing seems right about him but yet there's a nice side to him that hardly ever comes out. Will she bring out that side to him? Read on...


10. Finally Updating Again!

After we had all finished our dinner, I headed back to my room (Lizzie went with the other girls). 


"So miss me?" I hear a voice from behind which i soon realised to be Louis. What did I tell you? He's like a ninja... A really annoying one.


"No not really. Who would miss you?" I say. Louis breathes in a sharp breath and says "Ooh that hit home." I sigh and start to walk away but Louis grabs my hand. 


"What? I can't even go back to my room without you stalking me?" I growl, swiping my hand away and storming away. 


"Fine! I'll leave you alone. For a little while." Louis yells, his voice getting quieter and quieter with every step. I find my room and unlock the door, closing it behind me obviously. I lie down on the floor, (yeah i do that sometimes, don't judge) and stare up at the ceiling, following the various patterns imprinted on it. I pull my laptop from under my bed and check the time. Half nine, lights out soon... I decide to check my Facebook and Twitter but eventually I log off, seeing as nothing new was there.


*Yeah this part is kinda boring... Sorry. 


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